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  1. Mountain Man

    Carbon Fiber Barrel vs. Steel — Which Is Better?

    I do wish more people knew about the efficient thermal cohesion with carbon fiber. I have a large carbon fiber build plate on my 3D printer. Depends on what's printing. I need to heat that thing up to 90-105c for 5-18hrs. And it's still +/- 0.0008" flatness. Been using it for a couple of years...
  2. Mountain Man

    I Must Be the Only One

    You just haven't seen one with wood furniture yet.
  3. Mountain Man

    Let's see your AR setups...

    Stag-10 with wood furniture in her natural habitat.
  4. Mountain Man

    True Velocity Polymer-Cased Cartridge?

    For a polymer casing. It's not worth the price to even try. I'll stick to brass or nickel casing munitions. When I heard about them, I thought it'd be affordable. But I was wrong. Cabela's got 20rnd boxes for like $69.99.
  5. Mountain Man

    US Army Recruiting Video: back to normal for WWIII

    Liberals are doing that already.
  6. Mountain Man

    Good grief. More Hunting regs.

    Mine Identifies as carbide.
  7. Mountain Man

    Whatcha Watching?

    I'm on my 50th playthrough of Farscape. Best Sci-fi show ever.
  8. Mountain Man

    Daffy Zone…..

    So as I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I realized that Arthur Weasley is an ATF agent when he said. "Another successful raid on a misuse of a Muggle artifact." And that would only be firearms in the hands of an American Wizards exorcising their 2A rights
  9. Mountain Man

    Fast Food Customer Service in Decline

    That's because it sustains their votes. Through increased crime and fears. Democrats and Do Nothing Republicans will allow events like these to continue. After all Evil begets Evil.
  10. Mountain Man

    Oregon NW Hunting Loc

    Anyone here know any good places to camp and hunt black tail buck for general season in Western Oregon? It's been about 5 year's since I've gone on a hunt. And most places are either shut down or bought by that Weyerhaeuser corp. I'm in Clackamas County
  11. Mountain Man

    EDC Coin

    I bought a bunch of pure copper coins. And added this one to my every day carry. It feels nice to fiddle with a large 1oz coin. Anyone else here carry one or multiple coins?
  12. Mountain Man

    Wood on AR Platform

    Awe sick dude! What is that?
  13. Mountain Man

    Wood on AR Platform

    I installed some wood onto my Stag-10 and I'm really loving the look. Something about wood will just never go out of style for firearms. I think I'll add some wood to the picatinny rail as well.
  14. Mountain Man


    Babying firearms from holsters is only half the issue. Discharging, traning, inclement weather, cleaning, and time all take its toll. Only a glass case and leaving it there will protect the finish on firearms.
  15. Mountain Man

    Swampfox Arrowhead LPVO: Going the Distance at 10X

    I just got the Tomahawk and I'm hoping to take it to the range this Sat. I'll try to remember to come back here and tell more about it. When I installed it on my STAG-10. The eye relief is probably the best I have experienced in any glass. Even better than a fancy wide angle Leopold glass.
  16. Mountain Man

    Lethal Force Vs Pepper Spray

    Sadly pepper spray, mace, and tear gas will be listed as weapons in September when SB554 takes effect into Oregon law. Conceal carring those or any weapon into a school or any Gov't building will result in a class C felony. In Oregon anything that is used as a weapon toward you can be met with...
  17. Mountain Man

    What knives do you daily carry?

    I got a new knife today. The locking mechanism on my last knife is worn down so much it doesn't stay locked. I fidget with my knives tpo mcuh when I'm either stressed or nervous. This one's handle is made of T4 Titanium alloy so it should last way longer than the last one. For the short time...
  18. Mountain Man

    Training WithVehicle

    Anyone here do any training with their vehicles? One of the things I'm lacking in training wise is with my truck. Got any advice and tips I can try or implement into training?
  19. Mountain Man

    Favorite hunting knives

    2005 Benchmade prototype and a hammer forged butcher knife are my favorite. And my EDC pocket knife is a S&W ExtremeOps. Which was gifted to me from my Squad Leader. The blade has my rank, name, unit, and unit motto on it. I miss working with those guys.
  20. Mountain Man

    SAINT Victor vs. Steel-Cased Ammo: What Broke?

    My Stag-10 and I don't like steel cased either.