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  1. 308Lover

    Submachine Guns of World War II

    Great article! I really like reading these history articles like this. The photos and info were really good. I was hoping to see something about the Beretta SMGs of the war, but you don't really hear that much about them....
  2. 308Lover

    Did the M14 Fail the BAR?

    I couldnt agree more. These history pieces are great reads. I really like them, so keep them coming!
  3. 308Lover

    M1A Scope Mounting Guide

    Agreed. This can be a tricky if you don't know all the tricks. This is a really good piece.
  4. 308Lover

    On the Hunt with the Victor .308

    I think that would be pretty good balance on those, although you could reverse it if you really wanted to. Good choices for either.
  5. 308Lover

    Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-16×44

    Nice! Is that a DS Arms gun there?
  6. 308Lover

    Your first Springfield......

    An M1A as my college graduation gift from my father, about 25 years ago. I had wanted one all through my teenage years (got an M1 Garand and an M1 Carbine those years). I was floored, loved it, and still have it (along with two others!).
  7. 308Lover

    Cross-dominance, help

    Unfortunately, my eye keeps drifting to the V-shaped unikini of the @HotRod avatar. It's like the most disturbing high-visibility sight I've ever seen... Make it stop!!! :LOL:
  8. 308Lover

    Miami Shootout, and what it means today — 9mm vs. 40 vs. 10mm?

    I'd always lean toward a heavier, faster bullet. I get why the FBI tried to go to the 10mm (can you imagine the performance of a 10mm MP5!), as that is a great round. But, with its heavy recoil and large size, I also get why the .40 made sense. Now, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a...
  9. 308Lover

    Like Father, Like Son?

    My two are really nice as well. I guess I was lucky as I got good ones. I've never had a chance to go there and pick one out for myself...
  10. 308Lover

    What would you like to see Springfield armory make next?

    An M1D "sniper" Garand model would be awesome!
  11. 308Lover

    Is Your Grip Why You Miss?

    I was taught the Weaver stance, but I see a LOT of people now doing the isosceles stance. I've always preferred Weaver, but it might just be becuase that's how I started....
  12. 308Lover

    Like Father, Like Son?

    Great article! I always love pieces that dig deep into the story of the M14 and the Garand. Great pics make it even better! Keep up the good work. I wonder how CMP's supply of Garands is, currently? I bought a Winchester and a SA one many years back, but still want to get an H&R if I can....
  13. 308Lover

    Goofiest Frankenstein Gun You've Ever Seen?

    I don't know if I'd call it "goofy", but this one is definitely odd.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AR-57 Interesting idea, but not sure how practical.... But, with Ruger introducing that 5.7 pistol, maybe there's still interest in this round?
  14. 308Lover

    Is the FAL really any good?

    Not sure yet. An original would be way too expensive (agreed). I'd really like to find an original SAR48 from Springfield Armory. I think they were from Brazil (Imbel guns) and were A LOT cheaper than an FN one....
  15. 308Lover

    Is the FAL really any good?

    Well, that's it, I guess I'm going to have to buy one now! Anybody want to donate to the cause :) Man those things are expensive!
  16. 308Lover

    New gun decision

    How much money I have and what gun has just caught my eye :) That's about it!
  17. 308Lover

    Anybody want a folding stock M1A?

    I do. I really do. I'd love to see something like the old BM59 stocks on one, or even something modern like a folding version of the CQB stock on the SOCOM 16 CQB. Seems like it would be relatively easy to do as a mod on that stock system. I'd also love to see a "pistol" version of the M1A with...
  18. 308Lover

    Back-Up Guns: Do You?

    Agreed on the second gun in the car. That's a great place for something with a little more "oomph" to back you up.
  19. 308Lover

    First Aid kit

    I bought one these (not too expensive) and I keep it in my car. Never used it, but it seems like it's well designed kit? https://mymedic.com/collections/first-aid-kits/products/the-solo
  20. 308Lover

    CCW with a 10mm

    How much of a handful to shoot is . that G29? It seems like a pretty small gun to be a 10mm...