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  1. Susquash

    43 years ago

    Congratulations. April 12 will make it 47 years for me and my bride.
  2. Susquash

    Beyond Comprehension

    Granddaughter in AK just turned 14 and got her learner's permit. Told her she is going to have to learn to slow down as she drives 4 wheelers and golf carts "pedal to the metal". At least her parents are doing it right and teaching her to drive. a stick.
  3. Susquash

    Who said there's a ammo shortage ?

    Ahah! The stealthy ammo guard cat!😁
  4. Susquash

    Well thats the shortest time i owned a gun

    I had a similar experience involving a Remington 1100 12 guage and a grandson a few years ago. My son in AK had rebuilt the shotgun for me and added a short barrel for me to use in teaching riot gun at the police academy. My grandson was a skeet shooter and took 1st and seconds in the Anchorage...
  5. Susquash

    XD-M 3.8 10mm for bear defense

    Altough I did carry my Glock 20 10 MM on my last trip to Alaska, I had normally carried my Dan Wesson .445 Supermag. Asked a guide about carrying big bore. He advised I would probably do okay because of my law enforcement background t and training. He said he was not sure of a lot of clients...
  6. Susquash

    Help me identify this

    Looks like a Bomar rib for PPC competition. Just google it for info.
  7. Susquash

    Henry AR-7 — The Go Anywhere Survival Rifle

    I have had an AR-7 manufactured by Charter Arms for over 30 years. It has accompanied me on several hunts in Alaska. Fits easily in a back pack and great for small game.
  8. Susquash

    I guess when it rains it pours….

    Doing fairly well. Out of Rehab. Staying with a friend as daughter who live at home has Covid. Have both Pancreatic cancer and Prostrate cancer. Have already started Chemotherapy for Pancreatic cancer and getting hormone shot every 4 months for Prostate cancer Hoping to go home next Tuesday...
  9. Susquash

    Gun Safes

    I have a Cannon 80 gun safe. Wife and daughter bought it for my birthday a few years ago. I sad , "Thanks. Does this mean I get to buy more guns". 😁 The safe replaced three smaller safes. Still have some room in the safe but scoped rifles take up more space. Definately get a bigger safe...
  10. Susquash

    Primitive skills overnight.

    Just remember there ain't no Susquash season! This one shoots back. 😁😁😁
  11. Susquash

    Primitive skills overnight.

  12. Susquash

    I guess when it rains it pours….

    Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers.
  13. Susquash

    I guess when it rains it pours….

    Sorry to hear about all their challenges. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family. Hopefully they will regain their health Recently going something similar myself. Spent 11 days in hospital and have been in rehab getting strength back for almost two weeks. Going home Thursday and...
  14. Susquash

    Cartridge(s) of the Week: The Gates Supermags

    I had a Dan Wesson 445 Supermag with 10 imch scoped barrel assembly 6 inch barrel assembly and 4 inch heavy barrel assembly. I carried it on several hunts and fishing trips to Alaska. I had great confidence in the stopping power of my bear loads using a 300 grain hard cast bullet. It would...
  15. Susquash


    Here is wishing you all and yours a very Merry Christmas and. Happy New Year from me and mine. I won't be on much until after first year as I am in hospital dealing with some medical challenges.
  16. Susquash

    Should You Carry Your Gun With an Empty Chamber?

    I agree 100% with this article. Carrying on an empty chamber was fine back in the old west when there were no safety mechanisms in the lockwork of single action revolvers. There is no reason to do so with modern handguns used for EDC. It is a practice that would get you second place and dead...
  17. Susquash

    What firearm would you save.

    I guess I would have to grab two. Granddad's Colt .44-40 and his C.J. Bonehill double barrel 12 gauge both made in 1873. Everything else could be replaced.
  18. Susquash

    Ruger pc carbine 9 mm

    And she is a heck of a shot too. 😁 (Proud grampa? Yup!)
  19. Susquash

    Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Heathens !

    Hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
  20. Susquash

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!