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  1. Bear007

    Gear Up Bundle Opinions - Am I wrong?

    Yea ... I wonder what that word Moderator means lol. Kinda getting back to Nichord's original post ... the point of my post is I don't believe you can search the SA site for the bundle numbers, only the gun number without the bundle suffix, even SA can't. If you look at the picture of the app...
  2. Bear007

    Do you enjoy gun cleaning?

    Yes ... I find it relaxing and gives me the chance to look the gun over.
  3. Bear007

    Gear Up Bundle Opinions - Am I wrong?

    I bought the Hellcat Pro bundle the 1st go around last year. It came with the gun and 2 mags in the standard box ... inside a bigger box with a range bag and 3 more mags. The SA number was HCP9379BOSPGU22 but, as you can see in my SA app, SA does recognize their own bundle numbers. So you...
  4. Bear007

    FYI ... SA Store is backed way up

    Just curious, anyone else order anything from the SA store during the sale last weekend? On Monday I ordered the new Hellcat Pro threaded barrel at 20% off. The problem is the order is just sitting there "Awaiting Fulfillment" when I checked it's status. So, out of curiosity, I did call...
  5. Bear007

    Calling all Cretins

    Disposable Bic or Gillette or whatever with just a little water. Quick and fast ...
  6. Bear007

    Just A Few

    At 25 yards ... nice shooting
  7. Bear007

    The oldest weapon manufacturing plant in the United States will close in March 2024

    SA just built a brand new facility. I would think they would lose a lot of money moving now.
  8. Bear007


    Occasionally I'll do one if it's a gun or something I like. I don't refer friends or any that require you to logon, just the ones you can click and cancel, click and cancel, etc.
  9. Bear007

    I'm betting most of us here have one of these....

    Yep, I have a small box. But I don't have as many handguns as some here do.
  10. Bear007

    Built deadfall blind

    Dead falls are all I used for most of my hunting life. Just add a hunting stool and you can be setup quick and ready to go. A few years back, after being charged by a bear coming to see what my orange hat sticking up was and getting older so looking for comfort, I found a 1.5 wide, 18' high...
  11. Bear007

    Used gun day

    I bought a used KSG in FDE for $475 a year ago. It was a little dirty but cleaned up just fine. You got a good price. It's a fun gun but ... it kicks like a pissed off mule. After shooting it the first time I went home and ordered the enhanced buttstock pad, but it's still a kicker.
  12. Bear007

    QuietKat Apex Pro Review — A Hunting E-Bike

    Hmm ... how many guns, scopes and other nice equipment can you get for $5,000? If you have the spare cash and wanna look cool then go for it. Probably more suited for vast open lands out west...
  13. Bear007

    I Must Be the Only One

    Spent a few years reading about ARs but never owned or shot one. After retiring in 2020 I bought a Ruger AR15 for some fun at the range ... and because I could! Changed the forearm and grip to Magpul and it made the rifle way more comfortable. It eats anything but steel case Tulammo just...
  14. Bear007

    Secret Service fails to apprehend carjackers- on their own SUV

    Saw this side article in the first highjacking article. How about this wonderful SS protection, WOW!??? A drunk gets passed the SS and into Biden's National Security Advisor's house, without forced entry, and confronts the NSA. The NSA has to go out and tell the SS he's in the house. And...
  15. Bear007

    Is CCW on a Motorcycle Safe?

    EXAMPLE OF WHO SHOULD NOT CARRY ON A MOTORCYCLE! As a longtime member of my local HOG (Harley Owners Group) Chapter I regularly volunteer to help out during the Open Houses at the Harley store. During one open house event we had a retired LEO drinking too much (free beer) and as you would...
  16. Bear007

    Mass Shooting in Maine

    I really get tired of these kinds of news stories and usually just briefly keep an eye out for when they are captured or killed. The reason being ... you can read different news stories after stories about how and why this happened ... and you'll still know no more than what you can guess...
  17. Bear007

    Is CCW on a Motorcycle Safe?

    I always carry my Hellcat Pro IWB on my right side during most fair weather conditions. Once the foul cold weather hits and more gear is worn I sometimes switch to a more accessible Ruger LCP-MAX, 10 shot, pocket pistol in my right leather jacket pocket -OR - I do have a permanent mounted...
  18. Bear007

    Police and Border Police Officers heroically neutralized two armed….

    It looks like he set it on cruise and right after his shots he reached down, with gun in hand, and disengaged cruise.
  19. Bear007

    Police and Border Police Officers heroically neutralized two armed….

    I would say he hit them as the car stopped right after his shots. He's not worried about that motorcycle, that can be fixed. He never took his eyes off the bad guys while just stepping off the bike!
  20. Bear007

    New S&W 9mm announced next week??

    Is this for the bad neighbors? 🤣