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  1. ddeuce22

    Gear Up Bundle Opinions - Am I wrong?

    It does that with temporary or otherwise discontinued products it seems. My Saint Victor Pistol in 300blk shows up the same way in the app:
  2. ddeuce22

    Gear Up Bundle Opinions - Am I wrong?

    To be honest, didn't think you were real it's been so damn long since I seen you pop up!
  3. ddeuce22

    When it comes down to it, what is your "go to" EDC?

    P365XL w/ Wilson Combat Grip module, if I need maximum concealability which is majority of the time in Texas as it's too goddamn hot. In the "Winter" months i'll carry either my Ronin .45, or now my Prodigy. Considering getting a shoulder holster and carrying my 92XPD just for the lulz.
  4. ddeuce22

    1911 Prodigy DS

    i'm at 1k rounds through my prodigy so far and no issues. It just needs to be kept clean and/or lubed to run like a top. Shoot a few hundred rounds through it in a single session and you will see the slide start to slow down a bit from the build up, either clean it or toss some oil on the rails...
  5. ddeuce22

    Increase Magazine Capacity

    There are quite a few companies out there making these type of kits. Magguts, Hyve, Tandemkross, Shield Arms, etc all make kits for that kind of thing across different platforms and have been pretty proven.
  6. ddeuce22

    HK Slap

    Have you seen the new one about NODS? It's pretty good. PSR makes great content.
  7. ddeuce22

    HK Slap

    This is just funny.
  8. ddeuce22

    2023 Performance Center® M&P®9 Spec Series

    That's tactical tupperware to you, sir.
  9. ddeuce22

    Deep concealment?

    I do.
  10. ddeuce22

    Who has the best Black Friday Deals on weapon lights

    Plenty of places have them in stock, but none are really on a good sale.
  11. ddeuce22

    Who has the best Black Friday Deals on weapon lights

    Surefire doesn't like discounting their product apparently. Neither does Cloud Defensive. Might go with Streamlight as I do not want to spend $350-$450 on a WML
  12. ddeuce22

    Welcome Message

    Welcome, from Central Texas.
  13. ddeuce22

    Save My Ears

    You will be required to remove it no matter the suppressor/mounting interface you choose. A can is going to provide far better recoil reduction than that brake ever could.
  14. ddeuce22

    Review: KORE Executive Protection and Tactical Nylon Belt Systems

    Just ordered one. Ya bastids.
  15. ddeuce22

    Who has the best Black Friday Deals on weapon lights

    Let me know if you find one, because I too am in need of a surefire scout for my Spear LT.
  16. ddeuce22

    Scheels Store - OMG

    This made me snort laugh out loud.
  17. ddeuce22

    Scheels Store - OMG

    Herters is a Bass Pro / Cabelas house brand, not Scheels. But Scheels is definitely cool. They are breaking ground on one here in Cedar Park soon. Cannot wait.
  18. ddeuce22

    Prism sights

    Vortex Spitfire is excellent for the money. I'm probably picking up one of those PA SLX 1's in Green this black friday. I too have the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x FFP LPVO and it is excellent. It all depends what you are looking for. You can find the SFP version with the cantilever mount on PSA...
  19. ddeuce22

    To everyone!

    Likewise to you and yours sir.