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    Some People Just Don’t Get It!!!

    I don't agree with 5yrs. If he goes to prison for this, he might go from being just dumb to becoming a criminal. But he should definitely lose his right to own guns.
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    I actually carry +P+, but I use standard pressure at the range
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    I load Underwood"Lehigh" Extreme Defenders in my short barrel carry guns like my Hellcat or G43 due to inconsistent hollow point performance in short barrels, and Federal HST or Speer Gold Dot in barrel lengths over 3.5in.
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    What You Need To Consider If You Have Different Guns For Home Defense And Everyday Carry

    I usually carry a Hellcat and usually a Glock 17 as my bedside gun.
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    Review: Streamlight TLR-7 Sub and the Hellcat

    The Olight mini PL2 Valkyrie beats this light in every way.
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    How Do I Carry Spare Ammo for My Hellcat? Specialized Mag Pouches

    Ammo Armor is a much better option for me. I just carry a couple of extra mags in my back pocket.