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    F-105 Thunderchief: The Mighty Thud

    I did a hitch in the Air Force ‘63-‘67, was in aircraft maintenance (instrument man), and worked on almost everything. My last duty station was Nellis AFB a couple of miles outside Las Vegas (and now basically a suburb in Vegas!). This was where 105 pilots were trained. F-4 and F-100 training...
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    AH-64 Apache: Boeing’s Tank-Busting Helo

    I was a helicopter pilot with the First Cav in Nam 69-70. After flight school - and before going to Nam - I was assigned to the Aircraft Maintenance Officer Course (aka AMOC). We were shown a video of the Apache during its flight demo for the Army. All of us pilots were practically drooling...
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    The Thumper: History of the M79 40mm Grenade Launcher

    Was a helicopter pilot with the 1st Cav in the Nam. We knew the M79s as “Chunkers” - because of the sound made when fired: chunk We pilots would sometimes have one with us when flying, and one of my buddies actually blew up an NVA sampan - got several secondary explosions with the one shot he...