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    Looking for standard small pistol primers

    I am using the Ginex sm pistol primers right now. Purchased from American reloading.com. They have them right now for 309.99 with free shipping and free hazmat for 5000. Tried in a few different pistols, both striker and hammer fired and they work fine. I’m shooting all 9mm right now and have...
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    Who's still carrying

    I am still carrying the original hellcat with the wasp red dot. I didn’t like it at all at first and couldn’t shoot it very well but since adding the hogue handball beavertail grip sleeve and getting the iron sights adjusted and sending the red dot back for repair, I now can shoot it really good...
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    Hellcat sights off

    Another update. I finally got around to remounting my hex wasp red dot and shot it again after lining up the dot and putting it right on top of the front sight like it should be. Shot at 16 and 18 yards, in the wind and threatening snow, and managed to keep them all pretty close. Tried three...
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    Holsters for Lasers

    Take a look at gunners custom holsters. I have one, iwb, for a Smith And Wesson 2.0 with a crimson trace rail and it works pretty good. They also make owb. https://www.gunnerscustomholsters.biz/product-p/owb.htm
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    Best concealed carry hostlers? Preferably the waist band

    Like lock n load I have a big plastic bin of holsters! But I have an update on the CYA holster I commented on earlier. I have one for a s&w equalizer and now have one for my PSA dagger compact. I really like the retention and the molded part that covers the mag release. The small dimple in the...
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    NOT my cat, but it acts like it is

    We had to feed her with a eye dropper when friends of ours found her with her head stuck in a stone wall. She was no bigger than a cell phone. Has expensive beds but prefers the boot boxes instead. Toys are paper balls and milk jug rings. I was not really a cat person but this one is non stop...
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    Recommendation for EDC belt?

    I also have a Kore Essentials X2 black leather with the gunmetal buckle. I think it would be a good belt to wear with slacks or jeans. I am still trying it out but so far I really like it. I have a very well made leather gun belt but was in between sizes due to the one inch hole spacing. I...
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    Best concealed carry hostlers? Preferably the waist band

    I forgot to mention. Along with a good holster, make sure you get a good quality gun belt. I’ve carried with regular belts and they sag too much. I have a good leather carry belt that has the one inch spaced holes and I found it to work except for needing a hole in between the existing holes...
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    Best concealed carry hostlers? Preferably the waist band

    I just tried a new holster from CYA Supply for a s&w equalizer. I carry inside the waistband behind my right hip and it works well for me. It’s well made, the material is formed around the mag release to prevent bumping it and dropping the mag out and it gives a very positive click when the gun...
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    Hellcat sights off

    Update on the hellcat sights being off. I finally got around to taking it to a gun store that could adjust the rear sight. Outlet firearms in grove city pa. Very nice people and did it for no cost! After explaining my problem, he moved the sight to the right so it just barely covered the little...
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    Hellcat sights off

    Thanks for your reply. I only have a steel punch and that was what I was worried about. I will get a brass or aluminum one and try it. The front sight is over top of the little hash mark on the right side and more exposed on the left. I think if I move it back to the left and check it it might...
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    Hellcat sights off

    Thanks. I will try the punch but didn’t want to damage a new gun. I wasn’t sure if the sights being off was a warranty issue either but after I sent them the information with pictures they said to send it in for repairs. I kinda expected it to be repaired. You can even see where it isn’t aligned...
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    Hellcat sights off

    Well yes it’s concerning when the sights are off on one gun and not the other. They are supposed to be factory sighted in and include a target but obviously they didn’t do that very well. I sent it in specifically for the sights being off with description and pictures and they didn’t address it...
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    Hellcat sights off

    Is anyone having trouble with the sights on their hellcat being off, and if so how to adjust without a sight pusher? I put my red dot on first, before shooting the iron sights, and thought it was just me having problems seeing the front sight and shooting 3-4 inches to the left. But, after the...