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    Whatcha Watching?

    Just watched "The Covenant" with Jake Gyllenhall...worth your while if you have Prime...although it was a little slow at times. Earlier today watched Spheeris' Decline of Western Civilization 1 & 3...just to bring back the Circle Jerk & Black Flag days...
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    Covid 2023

    I filled up for $.92/gallon in Baraboo, WI in 2020. Our state taxes/gallon are pretty middle-of-the-road. IL just south of me is always $.40-60/gallon higher due to local state taxes. location, location, location...
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    What a load of 💩

    Perc tests may be over-rated, but they are required by law before any new septic is installed here in my state. Our DNR also then determines for you what type of septic system you are allowed to install based on that test.
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    Anyone else into cooking?

    If you have access to FRESH cheese curds, I'd be happy to post the recipe for you and you could try it out. Baked or smoked, it eats well...
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    What a load of 💩

    Pretty steep market. Anything costing $25k is either a mound or a massive drain field in WI. Replacing a septic after 40 years means it was not built very well (at least locally to me), or it was abused over its life.... And I just realized you (Tex, not Mike) have a gray water septic line in...
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    What a load of 💩

    Fair enuf...didn't know you knew the terminology (gray water, black water, etc)...90' run to tank is pretty far...A local pro should have a rod he can run through one of the clean-outs to trace the lateral, if that's your goal.
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    Ammo prices set to rise substantially!

    Just ordered another case of 5.56 yesterday, shipped today (SGammo). Had a feeling about LV last night, so I ordered some more (that I really don't need...but can you have too much?). At least I'll get a couple more sealed-steel ammo boxes.
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    What a load of 💩

    You are correct...IF the installer did a proper perc-test before installing the drain field. I know lots of guys that put in trenches where they probably shouldn't have. The cost of a new mound system can be jaw-dropping (I've heard of some exceeding $30k).
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    Anyone else into cooking?

    Gotta have 16oz of FRESH cheese curds for the best meatloaf. That means they squeek when you chew them....Even in WI you gotta search a little bit to find FRESH curds....Frying curds is great...but can't put them in meatloaf after they've been battered and fried...well maybe you could...
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    What a load of 💩

    Hey Tex, Sorry for your troubles, but this is sorta my line of work. Are you looking for the septic lateral from the house to your septic tank? You mentioned a "gray" water pipe....I assume that's your fresh water supply (either from a well or municipal supply)?
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    Anyone else into cooking?

    I'd offer up my recipe for my best meatloaf, but I bet you can't get fresh cheese curds where you live. Many outside of WI have no idea what a cheese curd is....
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    This May Be the Final Nail in the Coffin

    This has nothing to do with firearms safety or reducing crime...y'all should know this by now. There is no stupidity at all, this is all planned and being executed with precision, and with increasing levels of success. The next gun store employee that tells me, "that'll never happen" might get...
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    ATT UVerse Sucks 💩💩💩

    2 cable companies in one market? That's unusual....never lived anywhere with 2 "cable" companies to choose from. Not that any of them are any good. Spectrum around my neighborhood. Plenty to stream or satellite...Had fiber lines run last year....have not tried them yet...heard too many...
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    Do you enjoy gun cleaning?

    Sorry, not interested.
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    Do you enjoy gun cleaning?

    I have been driving company cars/trucks for over 20 years. New one every 150-200k miles, changed jobs twice in that time, plus I've had 5 personal vehicles during that stretch. I drive about 100k miles/year. I've had 4 trucks taken out by deer, 3 taken out by system failures (all long after...
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    Do you enjoy gun cleaning?

    Warranties schmawrenties.....As much as I drive, they (warranties) are good for 2-3 months. The older I get, the more I wonder about the oil change recommendations....NEVER seen an engine problem with my intervals....regardless of the responses we see here. With my limited experience (18-20...
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    Get up, get gear, get a plan, and get moving.

    Good content there.
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    Do you enjoy gun cleaning?

    I drive my Silverado 100K miles a year. Been changing oil every 10-12k for last 12 years in F-150's and Silverados with no ill effects... If I had to change every 5k, I'd be changing every couple-three weeks...
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    Road trip and handgun

    Hope you are driving around IL....they only recip with Hawaii, which does not issue permits (unless you know someone). Specific rules in IL that are odd...but they do not recognize CC from MI. Gotta leave your firearm in the car in a locked box...
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    Prodigy Mag’s

    Prodigy's are down to $1300 in my area...