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    Happy Birthday, Field Artillery!

    I experienced something similar in Korea. Our sister unit was firing directly over our position and used sensitive fuzes during a rain storm causing premature detonation. No one was hurt thankfully, but shrapnel shredded some of our camo netting.
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    Federal Court Ruling in New York

    It is a good start, but more work is yet to be done. The SAF is working hard throughout the nation fighting against these infringements.
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    Happy Birthday, Field Artillery!

    Ah, a fellow Redleg. I had orders for Wertheimer, but some GENIUS thought it better for me to be a field recruiter.
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    This happens in and around the neighborhood

    It is sad that some of our youth have nothing better to do. I always say, take a young one hunting, shooting, or fishing and give them an alternative outlet for their abundance of energy.
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    There is hope for us old warriors

    The South Koreans live in the shadow of possible war every day. I see the reason for compulsory service in defense of one's country. I am too broken to serve again, but would gladly answer if my country called. Rumors have it that Iran sent their elderly to defend the homeland against Iraqi...
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    Review: KORE Executive Protection and Tactical Nylon Belt Systems

    These belts will come in handy after a Thanksgiving meal. Extra piece of pie, click click.
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    School Me on Berettas, Please

    The only issue I had with the M9 was I kept flipping the safety on during reloads and immediate action drills. I had to abandon the slingshot method and go over the top of the slide for those during qualifications.
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    Happy Birthday, Field Artillery!

    On this day... https://www.linkedin.com/posts/u-s-army-field-artillery-school-b59778286_fieldartillery248-kingofbattle-redlegacy-ugcPost-7131288502561865728-TCem?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_android
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    On this day in history, November 17, 1871, National Rifle Association founded

    I really wish they could return to their founding principles, an organization that all gun owners can be proud of.
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    Question For The Experts

    I have shot them both, and they are on the small size for my XL glove hands. Although the MOD2 grip is very ergonomic, the Hellcat Pro offers a full-size grip and a slight reduction in carry weight. I would lean toward the latter.
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    I Must Be the Only One

    "Good to see your again Simon."
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    I Must Be the Only One

    I felt the same until I picked one up last year to use as a plinker. They are a lot of fun.
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    SA GI Model 1911

    Yes, I had this exact model! It was my first 1911. I suffered from "hammer bite" so I traded it in.
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    dumb idea

    Oh, I see. Yeah, there were hangers.
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    dumb idea

    I used to use these at my previous range to save money on targets and never had any issue. I do not use them anymore because I know the range can use the extra income from me purchasing their targets.
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    get new underwear dammit..!!

    I have lost over 20 pounds since I bought new underwear. I was suffering from this issue until I went down a size and now no more wedgies.
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    Do you remember ?

    Yes to almost everything. Funny watching the kids faces when you tell them off the old days.