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    Is Ammo Really More Expensive?

    Hope you are right...tired of paying $20.00+ for box of fifty.
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    Gun Storage

    Thanks...going over to Braintree this afternoon.
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    Gun Storage

    Thanks...I'll go by my local Tractor supply and see what they have. I'm OK with spending $250--350 for a good unit .
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    Gun Storage

    Any suggestions/dealers where I can find a storage unit that would hold my four pistols. Don't have any long guns, so I don't need a large stand-up style safe. Looking for something I can put in and attach to floor in a closet hopefully....thanks
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    First Day With Range Officer

    Agree totally..have had my RO for 18 months and love shooting it regularly without any issues.
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    Dan Wesson

    What are the general thoughts on quality of Dan Wesson 9mm products ?
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    Man, I found the ammo

    No 9mm around here (MA) less than $30 - $32/50 rounds
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    Black Friday acquisitions

    I,m more than a little disgusted with online "stores" selling 9mm ammunition for $.90 - $1.00/round...whose kidding who ...this is price gouging pure and simple. And I thought I was being taken advantage of a couple of weeks ago when a LGS was charging $35.00/50 rounds...maybe I wasn't and...
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    Military,Where Did You Take Your Boot Camp/Basic Training Veterans?

    Fort Sam Houston, SAn Antonio, TX Jan. 1970
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    Fiber OPtic

    Front only at this time
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    Fiber OPtic

    Looking to change out the stock sight on my SA 1911 RO Target with a fiber optic sight...recommendations ?
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    Gun shops empty and rationing ammo

    Local gun shop in Weymouth not only had no 9mm , but also no 22LR yesterday...it's getting worse, not better.
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    Gun shops empty and rationing ammo

    Went to Kittery Trading Post today in ME and the ammo shelves were mostly bare for all calibers...and this is a store that traditionally has tons of ammo for sale ...and yet os Saturday was in a small gun shop in Springfield, MA and they had lots of 9mm ,CCI and Federal ,with no limit on how...
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    Atlanta Arms

    Don't think I'll be buying it again.
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    Atlanta Arms

    All it states on the box is ATLANTA Arms Select
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    Atlanta Arms

    Would it be advisable the next time I break down the RO to try to drop each round into the breach and se which was do not easily seat and discard those as they may result in another lockup ?
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    Atlanta Arms

    Anyone have comment on Atlanta Arms 9mm FMJ 115gr ammo ? Purchased two boxes and had a nasty jam after shooting about six rounds. With a lot of help from a very knowledgeable friend we were finally able to get the slide freed up and round ejected. On examining the round and others in the same...
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    Following this as I purchased SA 1911 RO Target 3 weeks ago .

    Following this as I purchased SA 1911 RO Target 3 weeks ago .
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    Wanted a Ronin, but Massachusetts doesn't agree .

    Wanted a Ronin, but Massachusetts doesn't agree .
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    Online ammo purchase in Massachusetts

    thank you 10mm Life...I'mgoing to their website today to establish an account.