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    Dr Chris Raynor on shotgun lethality

    Thanks for the video, Hayes. A shotgun for sure has a big helping of stopping power!
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    Magazine Releases

    I have similar problems, Bella, only my issue is arthritis in my right thumb joint. I don’t have a solution for you though.
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    This Is How You Would Lose a Gunfight

    Good that you have found a friendly (in more ways than one!) range. My wife is no longer able to shoot but she used to be a crack shot. She is supportive of my gun habit :). I like to carry a J frame and do most of the time. I also like Springfield’s XD line, especially the discontinued XDe...
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    This Is How You Would Lose a Gunfight

    Good points, Hilda. My wife is in a w/c also. She depends on her husband to look out for her, which I try to always do. Hers is a progressive muscle disease, and she would be extremely vulnerable if out without me, but that almost never happens. Most people do not realize the obstacles...
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    This Is How You Would Lose a Gunfight

    Thanks for the link, Mike. A few days ago, a man was leaving a church service in Memphis, not far from us. As he walked towards his car in the parking lot, he saw several people breaking into cars parked there. I guess he was situationally aware, but when he yelled at the, the guy in the...
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    Sad News

    I’ll add my condolences for the loss of your friend. I went to a funeral yesterday. :(. It reminds you how fragile life is.
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    Range Report: FTS Drills, 15 Yard Practice, 12/6/23

    Looking good, Cliff! I have been “following” your practice sessions here for a while, and I can see a significant improvement over time. What a blessing to be able to afford ammo and to visit a range on a regular basis. Shooting is such fun! We don’t need to let that information get out...
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    Court Says California Can Dox Gun Owners

    Not surprising since some of our U.S.representatives encourage “get in their face” behavior as a tactic against anyone they don’t agree with. What a sad testament to our society.
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    Female gun ownership growing

    I am glad that you joined the ranks of concealed carriers, Bella. I also appreciate your involvement in the forum here. It is nice to get a woman’s opinion on our discussions, and your tolerance (and forgiveness!) when some threads go a little off-topic and get a little racy is much...
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    Female gun ownership growing

    The independent spirit of women accepting the responsibility for their own well being is gratifying. Thanks for the link, Sid.
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    Lady Sniper

    Thanks for the link, Hayes. A remarkable young woman, and just when some folks think her generation is all but lost to wokeness.
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    HS Shotgun Sports

    Thanks for linking the article, Hayes. This sport is great for kids, especially those who are not interested in the more traditional high school sports. And, it shows kids and parents how much fun shooting can be. I am pleased to see the gain in popularity.
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    Holster recommendations for AIWB

    AIWB or pocket carry for me. For me, the cant mainly affects the amount my wrist has to bend. A slight positive or negative cant doesn’t seem to have too much effect on speed, but no cant works better for me. I still recommend Crossbreed Reckoning because it has two belt clips and because the...
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    Holster recommendations for AIWB

    TMI! :)
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    What Is USCCA?

    I am not a USCAA member, butI think it is a good organization.
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    Holster recommendations for AIWB

    I know you are in Crossbreed’s home turf so you may have looked at their site already. I have one of their Reckoning holsters which works nicely for appendix carry. Two clips. I don’t like one clip because they tend to rotate.
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    Fools and guns and kids

    Right or Wong, when I was a toddler, I think most people, including law enforcement, would have called something like this event an accident. Now, even gun owners are lobbying for severe punishment. This is a huge change in public perception.
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    Fools and guns and kids

    How sad.
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    On this day in history, November 17, 1871, National Rifle Association founded

    Divide and conquer. Those seeking the demise of the NRA have done a great job in dividing the membership using one man and allegations against him to accomplish their goal. Say what you will, the NRA is our best vehicle to protect our 2A rights.
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    Road Trip

    Have a great trip, Bella! Teach your niece’s husband to be how shooting is done!