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    No politics involved

    Idk, my wife and I have mentioned to each other a few times that maybe we should sell it all and go live as epat's. But yes finding the right country is a little hard to do.
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    No politics involved

    Oh and I have been saying since I was a kid, that if we volunteer to be incarnated, this is my last tour. If anyone knows me in the next life, slap me if I start thinking coming back here is a good idea. You know the trajectory of it all. You see I have a theory. People like movie stars...
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    No politics involved

    It's ok, it is just life. My wife gets really freaked out so I do not say many things to her and am constantly telling her that it will be ok. I mean you do not tell someone like her, well we are all ******. Me? Well it does not matter. I have almost died a couple times. I have made my peace...
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    No politics involved

    The old joke goes if I would have killed my ex instead of getting a divorce, I would be out of jail by now and saved a lot of money. It is a joke........right?? It is funny because often times it is true. Now I am not saying people should do that, what I am pointing out is the risk reward way...
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    No politics involved

    The military is to political. We do not have wars. We have skirmishes. We have political jockying. A deterrent. The last war we had was WW2, War is an absolute. It is when you say "I may die, but I am taking as many of them with me as I can". If that is not the mentality, is it really a war? If...
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    No politics involved

    I think the biggest problem in this country is the reward system. People who play a game, make millions. People who are good at pretending (acting) make millions. Dishonest people, make millions. Criminals, the more laws you break and the more times you do it, the more you make. If I knew then...
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    Flower Pot “Heater”

    sunflower heater on a grill tank works pretty good. I have a wall mount lp heater that I put on a stand so I can move it where I need it, then hot a hose that hooks to a grill tank, it wont burn for a long time on high, maybe 4 hours, but it throws out a lot of heat. Ut does have a fan, nut it...
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    Are You Ready for a Food Shortage?

    Put up 30 quart bags of sweet corn and 30 pints of green beans today. All that is left for the year is about 30 quarts of tomatoes, but they are not ripe yet.
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    The Springfield SAINT Review (Ongoing)

    I have a saint edge and have only ran 150 rounds through it (brass). Not one failure and as you said the fit and finish was excellent. I was working on a spitfire 5x and getting it sighted in, which later after reading the directions and someone on here pointing out that the reason I could not...
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    Saint .308 Strikes again

    Meh join the club, I am the poorest rich man I know. (My wife says I am rich because I have her. She isn't wrong, but don't tell her I said that)
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    Hottest food you've ever eaten

    That is it for me too. Some sort of Thai pepper that I ate. I got short on breath as well.
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    In light of the new awareness

    I was doing an internet search about firearm related stuff. I kept clicking on links from pages here to read up on what I was researching. Then sometime later I ended up buying a SA product and I joined. I keep coming back, because the people in the group have balance. You can talk firearms...
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    Can we trust the Experts?

    Whoa there, that is my kind of talking. For starters I have come to believe that science, philosophy and religion have things in common. More impotantly they compliment each other. I do not feel as though it is one or the other, but both. As for Sun Tzu and to a larger part the ancient Asian...
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    Do you hail the great flag of the United States

    Yup and the flag below it gets changed out once in awhile to different things that we stand for.
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    Are You Ready for a Food Shortage?

    If you ask me this is all going to blow up in their faces. Lot's of people are planting gardens again. I always did, but I have went from just fun and let it grow, to planning and maximizing space. We have all the stuff to can, both pressure and water bath. We have about 8-10 cases of jars and...
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    In Defense of Prejudice

    Yes very good read. Something that many many should read.
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    Armed group traveling in Massachusetts

    After 9-11 the FBI can do almost anything they want and it be considered legal. I am not debating if that is right or wrong, just saying that when something falls under national security or terrorism, they get a really long leash. Why did they run into the woods if they were doing nothing wrong...
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    Armed group traveling in Massachusetts

    Feds are involved because 11 "heavily armed" men were all together travelling somewhere to do something. What? We do not know. But we would like to. Difference is the Feds want to know and will find out. We may never know. Not to mention tracking down all known associates, places they frequent...
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    Best Practices for Stockpiling Food

    My wife is half crazy and stockpiles everything. Plus we live out in the middle of nowhere, so there is that. I bet we have 12 gallons of water on hand at any given time, enough coffee to last months, our freezer is mostly full, she used to sell advocare, so we have all sorts of drink mixes that...