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  1. sawman556

    Im beginning to think it can't be done

    Carry with the 11 and use the 15 as a spare.
  2. sawman556

    Hex Wasp - Anyone’s randomly stop working?

    The Hex is the reason I didn't purchase a RDP. I have the RMSc w/ glass on both of my Hellcats and put a Apex threaded barrel on one of them. Would have bought one if it came without the Wasp. I learned my lesson buying a P365X with a Romeo Zero. :(
  3. sawman556

    Cleaning Optic Glass

    As mentioned above, Dawn dish soap. I make a mix of the soap and water in a small misting sprayer. Give a q-tip a spray and use a circular motion(from outside to inside) then flip and use the dry side. Repeat with a new q-tip until clean. Usually takes me 2-3 q-tips and takes about two minutes...
  4. sawman556

    The All New 30 Super Carry

    I'd be interested if ammo was easily available and around 9mm prices and if they could fit it in a pistol the size of a G42 that was shootable. Pressure says it's unlikely going to be made in a G42 size pistola. I like more rounds, but the difference between 10 and 12 isn't that big of deal...
  5. sawman556

    Original or RDP: Which One Do You Need?

    I have 2 OSP's. The Hex optic isn't my jam. I put 4MOA RMSc's with glass lenses on them and have a Apex threaded barrel in one. I can put my Griffon micro comp on it, but I find the difference negligible. Maybe they could offer them without the Wasp?
  6. sawman556

    Civil Defense Ammo

    It doesn't penetrate well. https://www.luckygunner.com/9mm-p-50-grain-schp-liberty-ammunition-civil-defense-20-rounds#geltest
  7. sawman556

    A gun shop with 3 reasons.

    Now to just get people to reads signs. :rolleyes:
  8. sawman556

    Most Common Reason to Switch EDC?

    I change when I find something I think I might like better then my current setup. Currently it's a Hellcat OSP. I also have a P365X, G43X, DW Guardian 9mm and G42 in my lineup. I have a bunch of other stuff, but I seem to gravitate to the small 9's. In reality, my G42 and G43 is really all I...
  9. sawman556

    What mini reflex with a Shield footprint?

    I have a couple of RMSc's that have been great. The SMSc 4MOA would be my choice in that price range. IMO, Shield makes excellent sights. I have a Romeo Zero, but it's junk. If I was to go with something from China it would be something like a Vortex with a no BS lifetime warranty.
  10. sawman556

    Show off your 1911

    Ed Brown's.
  11. sawman556

    Let's see your AR setups...

  12. sawman556

    Show off your 1911

    My favorite 9mm.
  13. sawman556

    lighter 1911 main/hammer spring?

    Wolff Gunsprings should have lighter mainsprings, but I wouldn't go lighter then a pound or two. I'd adjust the sear spring if I want a lighter pull.
  14. sawman556

    Cleaning Rod Comments...

    Jfal, not sure what your rifle is, but if you go with the Bore Tech rod, I highly suggest you get a bore guide as well. Get the Proof Positive jag, nylon brushes and appropriately sized patches. I also recommend Bore Tech Eliminator as a do all solvent. If your shooting expensive rifles with...
  15. sawman556

    Cleaning Rod Comments...

    The best you can get. Eliminator, CU+2, C4 all the best chemicals on the market as well. https://www.boretech.com/categories/rifle-cleaning-supplies/cleaning-rods/proof-positive-bore-stix
  16. sawman556

    Shield RMSw Review: Waterproofing Your Hellcat

    Does the RMSw come with the thin sealing plate or do you have to purchase that separately?