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    Canik Handguns

    A Canik TP9 Elite was my first pistol. Good value but sold it because I got tired of not finding magazines. When I did, they were marked up too high.
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    Hellcat Mag Ejects in Holster

    It happens to me on a rare occasion regardless of holster type used. I discovered it's my fat pressing it. I can reproduce it if I try hard enough. I'm curious if this happens to the skinny guys.
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    Holosun HS507K using CHPWS adapter

    It works so well, I ordered 2nd for my other Hellcat; has a low co-witness.
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    Anyone familiar with ArmaLaser?

    Did you buy it? If so, how well do you like it?
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    Recommendations wanted for red dots with magnifiers that fit Saint Pistols

    I wanted a red dot with a magnifier for close quarters with a little distance assistance that can that fit my new Saint Edge Pistol. LPVOs are just too long for it. I reviewed several items online and in person. What have you used that you recommend? Large closed red dot: I want a red dot with...
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    What Is the Best Gun Barrel Material?

    I've fantasized about a pistol sized rail gun. You know someone, somewhere is working on it.
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    Gun Safes

    @ddeuce22, I've started shopping too. The safe reviewers online reminded me of an important point regarding choices: "...all you're doing with a safe is buying time. You're putting money on the ground to make a hard target stressful and is cumbersome and the highest risk of getting...
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    What Is the Best Gun Barrel Material?

    So...no adamantium? ;) @BobM, thanks for posting this. I've been compiling as much information for my first Semi Auto rifle purchase.
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    Need advice for first Saint model type rifle purchase

    Do you think that's a sign of low sales or a different reason?
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    Need advice for first Saint model type rifle purchase

    I’ve been so pleased with my new pair of Springfield Hellcats, I’m considering buying a Springfield Saint model type rifle but I’m a little concerned based on a review of the Saint Victor continuously jamming: . Does anyone have a Victor or any other Saint model that can share their experience...
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    Help me find a gun

    Grumps, in case you're near South East Denver, I just sold my Canik TP9 Elite Combat to the Centennial Gun Club. Vortex Viper mounted, 3 extra mags.
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    Best compacts for EDC

    Thanks for mentioning that. I forgot Sig sold an extend 15 round magazine: https://gunmagwarehouse.com/blog/sigs-new-extended-p365-mags-ready-to-ship/
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    Best compacts for EDC

    Another new reason for the Hellcat today - they just release their 15 capacity magazines: https://store.springfield-armory.com/Shop/pc/HELLCAT-15-ROUND-MAGAZINE-9MM-280p2446.htm Sig’s 365 series are still currently limited to 12 regardless of accusing Springfield of “Magazine Patent...
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    What's your recommendation for a Micro Red Dot/Optic on your EDC pistol?

    Crossbreed posted an article about how good the Holosun 507K is a good choice. https://www.crossbreedholsters.com/blog/the-holosun-507k-the-sig-p365s-best-red-dot/ "THE HOLOSUN 507K - THE SIG P365'S BEST RED DOT"
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    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    I love this holster design!
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    Best compacts for EDC

    I would have bought the XD-M Elite Compact instead of the Hellcats if I could have found them but still might later.
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    Best compacts for EDC

    I do like the Shield Plus but it lacks a rail like the EZ model. My girlfriend's Shield EZ has less recoil than my Hellcat but then almost anything bigger than sub/micro compact will.
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    What's your recommendation for a Micro Red Dot/Optic on your EDC pistol?

    I'd like to try the Wasp for my next optic specifically because of the native fit.
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    What's your recommendation for a Micro Red Dot/Optic on your EDC pistol?

    I've almost considered buying the RomeoZero because of the low price and optional metal cover and might do so. Thanks for the reminder about the screw length.
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    What's your recommendation for a Micro Red Dot/Optic on your EDC pistol?

    I considered trying the Hex Wasp or Shield SMSC for one of my Hellcats because of Springfield's endorsement. And I looked at several reviewers: https://www.thearmorylife.com/top-5-hellcat-red-dot-optics/ https://tacticalinfospot.com/3-best-red-dots-for-hellcat/...