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  1. Invisibleflash

    How Joe Biden’s Office Of Gun Violence Prevention Is Directing The War On Guns

    Should not be a surprise at all. This should have sunk in years ago. Just like TX. The gov of TX acts 3 years too late...he should have acted 3 months into it.
  2. Invisibleflash

    Too Much Tacticool: What is Truly Needed on a Home Defense Rifle?

    Use something that won't blow your eardrums out and still keals.
  3. Invisibleflash


    Now, it may just be to get more dem votes. Whatever the reason...it is deliberate and will destroy America even further than it is destroyed now. Sadly, no way to shut it down. America was not built for this perfect storm. All safeguards have failed America. If the president is corrupt, their...
  4. Invisibleflash

    The Rationale for Defensive Hollow Points

    Good article! I gave up on defense HP ammo a while back. I'm interested in maximum penetration, not maximum mushrooming and minimum penetration. You will never know when you need the extra penetration... Could not post the whole thing as it is too long. I left out intro and all rimfire tests...
  5. Invisibleflash

    Will You Use Your CCW If You Are Attacked?

    Good article...Thanks! I try to avoid trouble at the first sign of the person being a nut or a criminal. I always say people are trouble and try to stay away from them as much as I can. But I may not always be able to do it. I think a big issue with deadly force is the question of whether you...
  6. Invisibleflash

    1911 Carry Conditions Explained

    Gave up on 1911's ages ago. They are for FUDDS or gun fondlers. Archaic design, low capacity. Yes they do a good job fpr pistol whipping someone, but don't care about that. In this day and age, you need every advantage and 1911 does not deliver. I do have a Colt Custom shop 1911 in hard chrome...
  7. Invisibleflash

    1911 for Home Defense — The Best Choice?

    1911 is good for gun fondlers or for beating someone around the head if you need to. But I've given up on 1911's decades ago. I'm all black plastic. The guns I get now will all be burner, disposable guns. I've got lots of decent guns, but can't afford to lose them to confiscation while on the...
  8. Invisibleflash

    In preparation for a semi-auto ban...make an 8 or 9 shot .327 Mag revolver for CCW

    S&W or some other maker should make a hi-cap 8 or 9-shot .327 Magnum revolver that would be doable for concealed carry. Offer it in 3-1/2 & 4-1/2 inch barrels. Lightweight scandium design like the S&W AirLite PD snub. While I gave up using revolvers in 2020, I'd buy 2 or 3 of these .327's just...
  9. Invisibleflash

    Hellcat extracting issue

    Never heard of it, but seldom load through the barrel anyway. Wonder why it makes a difference.
  10. Invisibleflash

    Senator Proposes Arming Illegal Immigrants, Providing Them with Military Training

    Yep...great idea for the dems. They can make a military of illegal alien jackboots for taking on the opposition.
  11. Invisibleflash

    When it comes down to it, what is your "go to" EDC?

    Used to be S&W AirLite PD .38 Sp. Then a Hellcat 9mm. Then 2 Hellcat's or sometimes a Glock 19. If the dems ever outlaw semi-auto, it would be nice if S&W made an 8-shot .327 Mag lightweight scandium revolver with 3-1/2 inch barrel for CCW.
  12. Invisibleflash

    Ammo prices set to rise substantially!

    Thanks for the rundown. Some foreign company bought up some US ammo companies. Maybe they are getting some return on investment.
  13. Invisibleflash

    Anyone else into cooking?

    Yes, do lots of cooking. But not because I like it. If I want to eat...I gotta cook. No one to cook for me.
  14. Invisibleflash

    This Is How You Would Lose a Gunfight

    Great article, lots of good ideas to implement...Thanks!!
  15. Invisibleflash

    This Is How You Would Lose a Gunfight

    Yes, agree you can only learn so much from books and the TV. Articles can open up your mind to new ideas and practices, but then they have to be practiced to become your normal M.O. for everyday life. A few years ago in Vegas, I was filling up my rental car at a gas station. Out of nowhere a...
  16. Invisibleflash

    Could martial law happen?

    Bub...in 2023 America...anything can happen.
  17. Invisibleflash

    D&L Sports .45 ACP GSP Ammunition Review

    I use 9mm ball or ball on any caliber I am using. I want max penetration. Hardcast, nylon coated ammo gives tremendous penetration. But can't find it any more. I like this ,45 ammo in this thread because of the coating, but it all depends on if the coating improves penetration. My tests of .45...
  18. Invisibleflash

    To get the jab or not?

    Ah...my mistake. Missed that. No idea about shingles. I steer clear from doctors if possible. When a young teen my mom would take me to a doctor in Beverly Hills to get X-ray treatments for acne. Got tons of basal cell skin cancers over the years from the radiation. Lucky to still be alive. My...
  19. Invisibleflash

    To get the jab or not?

    Guess it is a crapshoot who may get a reaction from vaxes. The gal I mentioned in the previous post should be embalmed with all the shots she has got over the years. She loves pills and shots. She is near 70, little or no reaction from her vaxes other than was sick a little the day after she...
  20. Invisibleflash

    To get the jab or not?

    No idea bub. I never got the vax or boosted. Was tested for covid antibodies in 2021 and had none. In 2022 a gal in the house came home with the covid virus. She had been vaxed and max boosted. She went the full round from before covid symptoms to developing symptoms and recovery in the house...