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    I think sports have become something “other” than sports. No longer interested in anything. Olympics was my last sport interest and it is no longer.
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    Would not be a bad idea to have a website with a list of all of these “supposed” gun dealers that just rip people off. Seeing the news on tv every day, I have no illusions that anyone will go after these scammers on a scale that would make any type of difference. Also, whatever information is...
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    I'm outta ink from 27 pens now.

    The easiest thing to get started is just to YouTube excel inventory. You will get a million of videos and just click on one that is close to what you are looking for. For example: . Once you do, you can save it on your desktop and keep a backup copy on a usb or external hard drive. That is all...
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    I'm outta ink from 27 pens now.

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    Where's the ammo I ordered?

    It is perfectly normal. Those containers burst out of happiness while going through LA.
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    Over Penetration - Caliber does matter

    It bounced right off. NOT!
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    Pistol Braces

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    Pistol Braces

    As of now, there is no need to register them correct?
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    Pistol Braces

    Pistol Braces So where do we stand on the ATF proposed pistol brace ban? I understand they got quite a bit of comments, what happens next? Thanks
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    Benelli M4: A Do-It-All Shotgun For Military & Commercial Use

    One day, maybe one day.
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    ATF "AR Pistol Spec Changes"?

    Yes it does. Thank you.
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    ATF "AR Pistol Spec Changes"?

    I am fairly new at this whole scenario. Does this apply to the Saint Edge AR-15 pistol, or just to the Saint edge Pdw and Evac?
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    How to make the United States united again?

    Two great points, the media and politicians. I stopped watching news and started feeling happier almost immediately. The politicians, it is hard to find one that actually thinks, acts and behave like any of us. Aren’t they supposed to be representing us? Aren’t they supposed to be just like us? R.
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    Got a surprise call

    Congratz. I can’t even find a place to go look at on of those.
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    Daily dose of ATF ....

    Ridiculous X 2. If this crap goes through will they grandfather already sold braces? What are the alternatives for say a Saint edge pistol. Change barrel, remove brace, any ideas?
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    AR pistols

    That is what I thought too. Just remove the brace. But I’m not sure if that would work or not.
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    WH announces Thursday is Bidens day for Exec Action on Gun Control

    So what are the choices for pistol brace owners, register the pistol as an NFA gun, or ...?
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    What Does "Brandishing" a Gun Mean?

    Great question and replies. Was not aware of the many definitions depending on where you are.
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    Fake Facebook Springfield Account.

    A good one is telling them, oh man, I’m in the toilet right now if you let me finish I will be right with you. Then proceed to make all kind of strange noises.
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    Handgun Ammo

    10mm is the only caliber I am finding lately. Not cheap though.