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  1. J-doo

    Hellcat vs. 10mm 1911 for EDC and Open Carry

    That sounds like a nightmare scenario. All of my Colts have been reliable so far. Especially my AR’s. I found the Delta Elite in the Cabela’s gun library last year for a price I couldn’t pass up. It’s banged up a little but it functions well. My Kimber took me about 200 rounds before it would...
  2. J-doo

    Hellcat vs. 10mm 1911 for EDC and Open Carry

    I was just kidding about mentioning other brands because this is an SA forum. I have a Colt Delta Elite and a Kimber Eclipse Custom 10mm. I have heard good things about the 10mm SR1911. I have a Range Officer Champion in .45 which is why I was looking at the TRP. I really like my Springfield...
  3. J-doo

    Hellcat vs. 10mm 1911 for EDC and Open Carry

    Your video already had me looking at a 10mm TRP today. I have to stop watching videos of pistols I don’t have. I do have two other 10mm 1911’s but I won’t mention the manufacturer. Lol.
  4. J-doo


    I’m team IPhone. I’ve had one for 10 years now and I have an Android for my work phone. The ads on the Android are ridiculous because it’s run by Google. I don’t have any issues with Apple and Safari even after updates. The only bad IPhone I’ve had was the 5. The battery was junk. Some people I...
  5. J-doo

    Glock history

    I started off as a Glock hater. I learned to love them over time however, I go through phases where I’m all about certain types of firearms from Glock, Sig, CZ, Springfield, revolvers, 1911’s, all types of AR‘s and even building AR’s. There are still 2 Glock’s that I love and will never get rid...
  6. J-doo

    Hellcat vs. 10mm 1911 for EDC and Open Carry

    I’ve got the Hellcat and 3 Springfield 1911’s all chambered in .45 ACP. If I was going to get a SA 10mm I would probably start with the 5” XDM but a 10mm 1911 wouldn’t be far behind. I’ve grown rather fond of SA 1911s. To me they are the closest thing to custom without spending over $2,000
  7. J-doo

    Show off your 1911

    I thought I would add one more to my Springfield Collection
  8. J-doo

    What Is an AR Pistol?

    I’ve built 5 AR pistols. Three 5.56 all 10.5” and 2 300 AAC one 8” and one 8.5”. I have to say I enjoy shooting them more than a full size rifle. I like the blackout pistols the most. I actually traded my least favorite 5.56 for a Springfield loaded 1911. I don’t regret that decision at all.
  9. J-doo

    Ruger SP101 ejector rod wobble

    Mine is the same way. If you needed just a little more piece of mind.
  10. J-doo

    Picked up a new partner for my Operator today

    I finally got to shoot my new guns today. The Colt was absolutely awesome. I only put 50rounds through it. I had some revolvers that needed to be shot as well. 100 rounds of .38 Sp.and .357 as well. I realized I’m rusty on the revolvers but I was spot on with the Colt from the first shot. I do...
  11. J-doo

    Armed Protesters Flood Michigan Capitol

    She uses the term “ I decided“ about 20 times in each of her speeches. She never say the word “we” or “ the state “ made a decision. It’s always “ I decided “. She wants everyone in this state to know she makes all the decision. I can’t wait to vote her out.
  12. J-doo

    Picked up a new partner for my Operator today

    I never have either but I sold a few things over the last couple weeks and I had my eye on this one
  13. J-doo

    Picked up a new partner for my Operator today

    okay, I added this too
  14. J-doo

    Picked up a new partner for my Operator today

    I picked up this loaded 1911-A1 to go with my Lightweight Operator today. I traded a nice LEO for one of my AR pistol builds. I love Springfield 1911’s. Especially when they have the ambi safety being that I’m a lefty. I just wanted to share my joy with everyone. It sure feels good in my hand.
  15. J-doo

    Ok, just wondering......

    I would really like to go to the range and relieve some stress. I’ve been lucky enough to still be working and at least able to get out of the house but the weekends are the worst. There are only so many shows that interest me and I’m running out of things to do around the house. Plus I’ve...
  16. J-doo

    Traffic Stops: What CCW Citizens Need to Know

    In Michigan we are required to inform the LEO if we have a pistol. I’ve been pulled over once by MSP and I informed the young man I was carrying. He asked me where it was located and that was that. He let me off with a warning for expired tags. It was a company truck, I’m not that irresponsible. Lol
  17. J-doo

    Are you like Jerry?

    He is not an autoworker he is a tradesman working at the new Chrysler plant. Not all union workers are as blue as everyone thinks. I am in a trade union and have a lot of family in the auto industry. I refuse to vote for these gun grabbIng Dems as do a lot of my family and coworkers. For this...
  18. J-doo

    Shooting with small handguns

    I’ve been carrying my Shield .45 quite a lot lately. It is surprisingly easy to shoot for such a small .45. I take at least on subcompact to the range with me every week. I’m getting fairly proficient with all of them. It definitely makes me a lot better shot with my larger pistols.
  19. J-doo

    Your neck of the woods

    Some bad news today in Michigan. The ATF no longer recognizes the Michigan CPL as an exemption to a NICS check. They stated that it’s due to the legalization of marijuana and the MSP has issued Concealed Pistol Licenses to people who don’t qualify on the the 4371. They also mentioned domestic...
  20. J-doo

    Gun review of the Gen5 G19

    I’ve got the a MCK. It with fit any 4” to 4.5” Glock 9mm. .40 S&W or .357 Sig. it will not work with the 10mm or .45 ACP slides.