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    Flying with the U.S. Army's High Altitude Rescue Team

    Unfortunately Juanjo Garra perished just a few days ago while descending Dhaulagiri in Nepal. He fell and broke his ankle, was not reached in time to be rescued alive at an altitude exceeding 8000M. May he rest in peace.
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    Buying Milsurp: Removing Cosmoline from the SKS

    How do you find these military surplus sales? I would love to get into such a project.
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    The Guns of Operation Thunderbolt: Right or Wrong?

    A couple of interesting facts: 1. In Israel the operation is knows as Mivtzah Yehonatan (Operation Jonathan), named after the commander who died in the field. 2. Idi Amin made sure to execute 12 of his own soldiers for suspected collaboration with Israel, an elderly Israeli-British lady hostage...