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  1. KLGunner

    Real nerf guns

    Have y’all seen this one yet? https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8cqoaYc/
  2. KLGunner

    Benchmade Bugout Review — Is the Knife Worth the Price?

    Beautiful piece there bud love the grips on that .357. As far the original post. They are great knifes. I own two both bought for me as gifts. I love them although they are not me EDC’s.
  3. KLGunner

    Gear Up Bundle Opinions - Am I wrong?

    @Belt Fed I’m just messing around and picking on my boss. I’ve been a staff member of this forum from day one. Primarily working the back end as of late. Just ask the founding members they’ll tell you.
  4. KLGunner

    A No-Paperwork LEGAL Pistol Stock? The One Shot Stock

    I’ve tried pistol stocks like this with some of my friends pistols and I’m not a fan at all. I’ll stick with standard shooting, stance and position. Thank you though.
  5. KLGunner

    Gear Up Bundle Opinions - Am I wrong?

    I have one question that is slightly off topic. How even as a freelancer to SA did I not know about this app till now????? I feel that I was left in the dark about something here y’all. Not cool!!! @Bear007 thank you for accidentally letting me know about this awesome app.
  6. KLGunner

    Law makers against Illinois hog confinements Jan, 1

    Like he said they don’t have to sell to Cali for one and if they don’t sell to them that drives down the price of pork for the rest of us.
  7. KLGunner

    Making Holsters

    Hey y’all long long time no talking to ya. So, I have my EDC set up with an OLight wml on it. I’ve been digging to find a holster for it with no avail. I’ve even searched outside the great state of Texas. The only thing I can find is people saying “Let me barrow your pistol for about 4 weeks...
  8. KLGunner

    Are There Differences Between Hollow Point and Solid Point Rimfire Cartridges?

    Can you clarify more what you’re asking. There is a lot of differences from weight, amount of powder, the obvious visual differences, In some firearms hallow points load harsher from mag to chamber. So, what difference are you asking about???
  9. KLGunner

    First Look: Springfield Armory Echelon 9mm

    Hey I didn’t remove your gag yet. How you talking. @OkiePewPew i thought you tied him up in the corner???? All jokes aside I’m glad you like the looks and features of this pistol. I’m hoping to order one soon so I’ll get you a range report shortly.
  10. KLGunner

    Intruder shot dead during home invasion

    I’ll push it up the chain.
  11. KLGunner

    Nevada homeowner defends home

    Y’all got me busting a gut over here. A serious story and y’all are singing songs about it. 🤣🤣🤣 This is why I love this forum.
  12. KLGunner

    Five Reasons the Glock 19 is a Great Carry Gun

    ⛔️⚠️ inappropriate content⚠️⛔️ Annihilator, Your message (Five Reasons the Glock 19 is a Great Carry Gun) contains inappropriate content: Please do not discuss content of this nature on our site. This does not follow our rules. Your message may have been removed or altered. Your account's...
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    Five Reasons the Glock 19 is a Great Carry Gun

    🙄🤦‍♂️ Um this is a Springfield Armory site. We don’t discuss Angry Tupperware garbage on here. I think I might have to remove this post!!!!! Relax y’all I’m just joking.
  14. KLGunner

    Return to the Hospital ICU

    @wolfpack076 you and your wife will be in my prayers. Wishing y’all the best and a fast recovery. I hope you have a good holiday season despite everything.
  15. KLGunner

    Nov. 17, 1871, National Rifle Association founded

    So wait the NRA was founded on November 17th? If so that’s interesting I share a birthday with the NRA.
  16. KLGunner

    Smart guns are dumb..

    Worst idea ever in my opinion.
  17. KLGunner

    What does Brown Bear Taste like?

    Bear in general sounds amazing right about now.
  18. KLGunner

    This can be taken many ways?

    You know what. You are absolutely correct. The problem is actually the people that committed the acts. I do believe however the media does fuel the fire tho.
  19. KLGunner

    This can be taken many ways?

    **COMPLETELY MY PERSONAL OPINION** Anything that the media talks about gets worse. The media in its entirety needs to be shut down. They only stir up fear, feed hatred, fuel Democratic narratives and lie out their you know what’s. The media is a tool filled up of puppets controlled by the...
  20. KLGunner

    Baby Said Momma 😭

    Don’t jinx me like that. Not nice sir not nice lol 😂.