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  1. iklwa

    Goodbye all! I had fun but refuse to be censored any longer. It was fun while it lasted.

    Goodbye all! I had fun but refuse to be censored any longer. It was fun while it lasted.
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    What knives do you daily carry?

    I can't recall if I included a photo of my daily carry knife. Cold Steel, five-inch, smooth edge Tanto
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    Concealed carry for a bass guitarist

    What about committing to learn to shoot with your left hand? You already have some good dexterity there from the instrument. That way, you could move the pistol to the left side and who knows, you may impress the girls with that little extra buldge! It's not as hard as you may imagine. I hope...
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    Ooo, a tough guy, huh?
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    Just messing with ya. I never saw them all either; however we did see the last one.
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    Introducing "The Armory Life Presents: The M1A" digital magazine

    The first time I held one of these at the local gun shop, I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear and say to the counter guy, Now THAT"S a rifle!
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    Yeah, but you DID watch them all, right? Kinda like a slow speed train wreck. You know where it's going but ya just can't take your eyes away.
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    Yes, but the author did not envision a series of films.
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    I found a new gun oil/cleaner

    How about Ballistol? Seems to work pretty well for me.
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    Marble's Game Getter

    This is what I found upon doing a little digging (I like digging!). "In addition to the shot shell, there also was a ball cartridge originally loaded with 30 grains of black powder and a .425" diameter round ball weighing 115 grains. A farmer or woodsman armed with one of the little guns, a...
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    Marble's Game Getter

    What platform are you loading for?
  12. iklwa

    Marble's Game Getter

    I am betting you can get at least 30 grains (by volume) of FFFg powder into a 44 Mag case. I would suggest filling it up to the point that the powder is slightly compressed when the round ball (or other projectile) is seated. Make sure it is crimped well. There is no way you can hurt your modern...
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    Round Balls and Wild Bill

    I've taken this from the August 2021 issue of Shooting Illustrated (NRA). I believe this is excellent information and commentary. The development of elephant hunting cartridges (i.e. 450 Nitro, 470 Nitro, 500 Nitro, etc.) were intended to ensure adequate penetration of the heavy skull and if...
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    Show off your 1911

    Now that's a slick 1911! Very nice.
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    Excellent devices! Ruger's large revolvers remind us of what revolvers were all about. There is just something rewarding about setting off an explosion in a bank vault at the end of your arm! Well-made and beautiful works of machinery. One wonders if any normal person has ever worn one out?
  16. iklwa

    How to prep your Bow

    At one time I was very involved with compound archery. I learned to MARK EVERYTHING. Mark the idler wheels/cams where the strings/cables cross them. Use permanent marker. That way if something slips or stretches you will have ready visual reference. One time I had a custom ordered set of string...
  17. iklwa

    How to prep your Bow

    Too simple...you should need a degree in order to set up your bow. A degree in mechanical engineering or nuclear science should do it.
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    Do you have a favorite handgun that you like better than the one you carry?

    Whoa! Now there is an idea! Has anyone ever told you what a smart fella you are?
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    Questioning the Effectiveness of the .380 Auto Cartridge

    As a backup, it may make sense. Like I said, it's better than shouting "Trick or Treat!"
  20. iklwa

    Combat Mindset for the Defensive Shooter

    I believe mindset is of paramount importance. Recognizing threats and protective cover is a big part of that attitude. Something not mentioned much is being mentally prepared for being wounded during an altercation. Many folks stop their defensive operations after being wounded lightly while not...