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  1. americanwolfman

    Recognize this?

    The Federal HST is loaded in ALL my carry guns, 9mm gets 147gr and 45ACP gets 230 gr, Super accurate and in my testing expands almost 100 % of the time, I used a HST .40 on a coyote years ago:oops:, just OMG.
  2. americanwolfman

    Recognize this?

    45 auto hst, looks like 230gr
  3. americanwolfman

    What knives do you daily carry?

    I started carrying a Shivworks clinchpick and Spyderco Pkal a few years ago and love them, I still occasionally carry my Karambits depending on my mood.
  4. americanwolfman

    Why the AR-15 is My Go-To Rifle for Survival Situations

    I would love to rely on my .22's for GO-TO guns but I have seen way to MANY problems with rimfire to risk mine or my family's life on that unless absolutely necessary. I have been in the process of testing one of the new Glock 44's and have shot over 13,000rds of assorted ammo and saw an...
  5. americanwolfman

    Why the AR-15 is My Go-To Rifle for Survival Situations

    I keep and carry a 10.5" ar-15 loaded with 77gr hp's daily, it is my home defense gun and my truck gun. I also carry a cz scorpion 8" barrel that fits in a small back pack if i need more concealment, but my go to is an AR or AR style to defend me and mine. I also use a couple of Sig MCX 5.56...
  6. americanwolfman

    Your favorite Springfield

    My favorite Springfield is my TRP Full Rail Operator, I told my wife that thing gets buried with me, my kids need to keep their grubby hands off when I go to Valhalla.
  7. americanwolfman


    LTT 1301 shotgun HK MP5 SD Wilson Combat EDCx9s or LTT Beretta Px4 compact
  8. americanwolfman

    Glock 19: Everything you Need to Know

    Bought my first G-19 in 1993. I have carried and competed with a Glock 19 since that time, I have shot 100's of thousands of rds through G-19's of almost every generation. I have a 3rd Gen 19 in my possession that has close to 100,000 rds that still shoots straight and I love dearly as my...
  9. americanwolfman

    New Backup picked up today

    Ran 100rds of 100 gr plated loaded over 3.3gr of bullseye from 7-20yds, it averaged 3-4" at 20yds. I also tried some ammo Inc. 100gr streak at 20yds and easily kept 5shot groups at 3", Next up was Remington Golden Saber 102gr which shot 1" at 10yds for a 5 shot group, this will now be my new...
  10. americanwolfman

    New Backup picked up today

    first 3 shots of 100gr Rn loaded over 3.3gr bullseye. 7yds
  11. americanwolfman

    Self Defense: Do the 5.7x28, .25acp, .22lr, and the .22wmr Cut It

    Do I believe these calibers are ideal? no. Do I believe they will protect you if you train to use them and load them with quality ammo? yes. I would much rather have any of the above calibers than a sharp stick or a rock if push comes to shove. I know some may disagree with my statements but...
  12. americanwolfman

    New Backup picked up today

    Decided to add a new backup to the family today, have had 2 prior but let friends and family talk me out of them. New Glock 42, added some trijicon hd's, going out in the morning to run some rounds through it to break it in tomorrow.
  13. americanwolfman

    Trip to the LGS......

    Oh I usually do ALOT of business there but since the beer flu has happened he told me that he couldn't get hardly any ammo, a week goes by and he has ammo stacked deep and then does this, I'm definitely going to be letting my friends and family know to reevaluate where they buy their guns and...
  14. americanwolfman

    Trip to the LGS......

    I have 2 local shops in my area, one has almost doubled his pistol ammo prices which I am severely annoyed about as he said that ammo was getting hard to come by but yet I counted 150,000 rds of .223 he had stacked that were not there a week prior and is also only selling ammo by the case and...
  15. americanwolfman

    New addition!

    Very nice, going this afternoon to pick up my new addition, but it going the other way in the caliber spectrum:D
  16. americanwolfman

    Carrying a full size handgun? Do you do IWB or OWB?

    I prefer aiwb for concealment for all seasons, I have grown to love my Tier 1 concealed Axis Elite holsters. I use these up to Glock 19 size pistols and revert back to owb for my G-17 and 1911 size pistols.
  17. americanwolfman

    Jeff Cooper The Man Behind the Modern Techique

    Would not be here today or the man I am today if it were not for Col. Coopers teachings, had the privilege to meet him once at Gunsite, not many like him left.
  18. americanwolfman

    Short Barrel Ammo: Why You Need It in a Sub-Compact Handgun

    I would disagree with the statement that short barrels NEED short barrel ammo, having carried a handgun for going on 30yrs, I have personally tested my own carry ammo from .22lr up to .44mag. With my background and living in a family that hunts year round I have had the opportunity to see many...
  19. americanwolfman

    Favorite Boots

    I wear my Marine Corps Rat boots daily, but when going to the Dr's or have to wear something a little more appropriate I like my saloman 's or merrells.
  20. americanwolfman

    Holster Recommendation : Springfield XDM OSP 9mm 4.5 Full-Size (Threaded Barrel)

    furycarrysolutions makes some really great holsters, they made me one for my 5.25 XdM .45 with a weapon light, great holster.