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  1. M224speed

    Hellcat red dot install

    I just installed a crimson trace 1500 red dot on my Hellcat and you need to pay close attention to the screw length going into the slide, the manual states no more then .095 length going in to the slide from the bottom of the optic. Regardless of what brand optic. I had to grind the screws for...
  2. M224speed

    So, who needs the blue pill?

    One thing for sure you will never fall out of bed again.
  3. M224speed

    Buick 🤮🤮

    As a mechanic I thought they were good cars, easy to repair and lasted a long time, not like the crap they make nowadays.
  4. M224speed

    To dot, or not to dot, that is the question.

    I like using the red dot and that's my story and I'm sticking with it.
  5. M224speed

    Is the .380 Auto Obsolete?

    I have a 380 lcp max I carry 12+1 when I'm not carrying my hellcat.
  6. M224speed

    Dominant eye

    This is my new friend for practice and I'm getting good focus with both eyes open. I would've gone broke by now using real ammo. I don't have the recoil but I'm sure getting dialed in.
  7. M224speed

    Dominant eye

    That's what I'm doing and it's working great. Thanks
  8. M224speed

    Dominant eye

    I just picked up a ruger max9 with the red dot optic installed . Gonna try to get to the range this week or next.
  9. M224speed

    Dominant eye

    I just found out I'm cross dominant. My shooting has been going downhill since I had a tumor removed on the left side of my face along with 20 radiation treatments. I'm 68 years old and I have always been right eye dominant and I'm right handed. My left eye is now my dominant eye. I'm taking my...
  10. M224speed

    Hellcat slide

    The more phone calls they get, the better the chances.
  11. M224speed

    Hellcat slide

    They just came out with a optic ready slide for the XD.
  12. M224speed

    Hellcat slide

    I talked to customer service today and asked about a optic ready slide for a Hellcat. They told me they have gotten quite a few people asking the same. Hopefully enough people request it they might consider it. I for one would buy one rather than get rid of my Hellcat.
  13. M224speed

    Loretta Lynn Passes Away

    Another one gone. Like the George Jones song ,Who's going to fill their shoes. R.I.P.
  14. M224speed

    Colleton homeowner shoots, kills one of two armed intruders

    I guess they chose the wrong house to break into.
  15. M224speed

    A hard day for me.

    I'm so sorry for your loss.
  16. M224speed


    Don't sugar coat it tell us how you really feel.