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  1. Maks_Ameau

    Ruby Pistol 32ACP WWI Semiautomatic

    Pretty neat...thanx for sharing...
  2. Maks_Ameau

    Any Animal ... Any Gun.. Anywhere

    Big Old Deer.....M1 Garand.....Anywhere in the mountains.....been a flatlander all my life.....end the day with a little trout fishing.....a rocking chair and an iced tea.......ooooooh yeahhh
  3. Maks_Ameau

    Gun Sales Up 80 Percent in May 2020

    I believe it...you can't even go and browse for that next purchase.
  4. Maks_Ameau

    D-Days Forgotten Guns: 12 Firearms used in June 1944

    Cool...thanks for sharing...
  5. Maks_Ameau

    Remember Today is D-DAY 76 years ago

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing....true heroes.
  6. Maks_Ameau

    US Camouflage Maps

    Perty cool
  7. Maks_Ameau

    Memorial Day

    May GOD bless all veterans past and present. May GOD bless the United States of America! I wish Peace upon all my fellow Americans.
  8. Maks_Ameau

    Kiwi's are not happy! Ban not working.....we knew that!!

    Surprise! To no one with half a brain...
  9. Maks_Ameau

    S&W Performance Center: Is The Upcharge Worth the Money

    You are very welcome....I was thinking about it a little more and another word I could have used is the recoil impulse is smoother...:)
  10. Maks_Ameau

    Gun News Roundup May 2020

    Nice to see the new stuff. I especially liked the Diamondback included in the article. I live about 15 minutes from their factory. About 15 minutes from Kel Tec. and about 5 minutes from Knights Armament. It's nice to see businesses from my county in articles....Thanx
  11. Maks_Ameau

    S&W Performance Center: Is The Upcharge Worth the Money

    I'm not sure I can explain it but here goes. Before we owned .45s people always told us the .45 recoil is more of a push and a 9mm is more snappy. With that in mind, with the PC version the push is smoother with less muzzle rise. I am more accurate with my wife's S&W PC .45 than my XDs .45...
  12. Maks_Ameau

    S&W Performance Center: Is The Upcharge Worth the Money

    My wife has a performance center shield .45. The smile on her face is all I need to know. If mama's happy......
  13. Maks_Ameau

    Who Does and Who Doesn’t Read “Owners Manuals”

    I do. Especially takedown, reassembly, cleaning and lubing sections.....
  14. Maks_Ameau

    Type of holster you use for EDC

    Concealment Express IWB for all of my concealed carry pistols....
  15. Maks_Ameau

    FBI Processes Record Breaking Number of Background Checks

    I hope the new owners will take their new firearms seriously and educate themselves. Through education the misinformation in the media and politics will become apparent to them as well.
  16. Maks_Ameau

    Life After Corona

    I know this thread has been up a while. I thought I would re-visit this thread. My life has changed...not necessarily for the worse. But changed. This week is the first week I have worked from home. Not so bad. I am also in a Critical Infrastructure job so I am happy to continue working. My wife...
  17. Maks_Ameau

    Why This Forum?

    I would like to echo all the replies. This is my first forum as well. Thanks to all my SA forum friends. It is an honor to take part in this mash up of american greatness. But I must admit one guilty pleasure. I often peak in here to see what annihilator, Bet7, and 10mm are up to. You guys are...
  18. Maks_Ameau

    Anti-gunners Trying to Buy Guns

    Ha! I loved in the comments the guys friend that went to buy a firearm and his wife was denied because she punched a COP while drunk in college. Reality is funnier than fiction.
  19. Maks_Ameau

    NICS Experiences Unprecedented Volume

    I love at the bottom of the article in the replys that Coloradans are stocking up on Guns and weed. Wonderful.
  20. Maks_Ameau

    Things Never Said By A Gun Enthusiast...

    Is that a Glock?