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  1. lmgunner13

    NRA-ILA: Leaked ATF Rule Would Upend Firearm Industry

    Yeah, way too many the sky is falling tactics there.
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    Gun Range Etiquette: Simple Steps to Safe Shooting

    I am a member of one of the oldest gun clubs in Texas. It's primarily a sporting clay club though we do have a Pistol range, Rimfire rifle range (50 and 100 yards), and Rifle range (up to 300 yards in 100 yard increments). All are uncontrolled. In the few years I have been going there it is rare...
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    Largest Handgun Can Kill Elephants

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    What Ammo do You Carry and Why?

    Hornady Critical Duty 220gr 45 ACP +P
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    CZ Scorpion pistol or PC Charger

    On behalf of my brother (he works for Ruger) Thank you! :ROFLMAO:
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    Gun Control: How to Influence Politicians And Change Their Votes

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. Nothing to win over. This is pretty clear.
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    Big Green Is Back: Remington Ammo Plant Working 24/7

    I was able to buy 230gr FMJ 45 auto 100 rounds for 54 bucks (Winchester) and 115gr 9mm FMJ 50 rounds for 17.99 a box. The limit was 2 of each but not bad pricing from Academy Sports here in Texas.
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    Gun Control: How to Influence Politicians And Change Their Votes

    Her narrow experience should not trump my narrow experience. What's wrong with the anti-gun argument is they only consider one side. The media then compounds it by not properly explaining that the gunman wasn't stopped by any laws already on the books, he chose to ignore those laws just like he...
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    Have You Cleared Your House?

    I use my AR-15 with a bayonet attached to clear the house.
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    Show off your 1911

    My range officer champion in 45, my current EDC, because it's too expensive to shoot more than once :D I also have a Para Ordinance P-14 I will try to post a pic of.
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    AR15s and High Capacity Mags

    I read both bills, They will be difficult to enforce. A good example of why they would fail is the Canadian long-gun registry (now defunct). Canada currently has a population of 38 million people (about 1 million less than the state of California). Starting in 1998 Canadians were required to...
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    Can the Colt Python Pass the 2,000-Round Challenge? Part I

    My brother works for Ruger in R&D. He devises all the testing for new designs and puts 20,000 to 50,000 rounds through the prototypes and the actual finished product. How is 2000 rounds any kind of challange?
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    Available Ammo

    Yesterday I was able to purchase three 100 round boxes of 9mm FMJ for $47.00 a box from my local gun shop. I also bought 100 rounds of federal 7.62 X 51 for $49.95 and they had plenty in stock. Today they are getting in a shipment of 45 auto so it looks like I'll be heading to the range this...
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    Has anyone else seen this!

    I used to live in Arizona. Open carry and concealed carry are both legal there without a permit now. At the time when I first moved there, you needed a permit to carry concealed but not openly. I would see people carrying everywhere. Even in banks and no one was shooting each other. It was...
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    Body Armor?

    I like Botach. I have a ballistic backpack and their battle steel package. very reasonably priced.
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    What is your favorite gun?

    of course it does. I have a couple myself
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    What is your favorite gun?

    They take a while to load but they are my favorites to shoot.
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    SCOTUS Eyes Whether Police Can Seize Guns From Homes Without Warrants

    Speeding or not wearing a seatbelt is not probable cause to search a vehicle and a warrant must be obtained to legally search your vehicle. I know this for a fact because I was asked after a speeding stop if I would consent to a search and I said no get a warrant and they simply finished writing...
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    President Biden’s 1-2 Punch Plan to Buckle the Firearm Industry

    Colt used to have Colt employees federal credit union. I bet these make a comeback.