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    Good morning from beautiful Lathrop, California.
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    Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

    Living here in California, the Echelon is out. I own the Hellcat and XD 45 but my preference would be the Hellcat for EDC all day every day. The 45 is a winter carry or those times when I walk the track with my spouse and I am wearing heavy sweat pants.
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    California complaint guns

    I own the Sig and the Hellcat and love them both for similar and different reasons. The Sig was spot on accurate out of the box, while the HCP needed a bit of tuning. The Sig needed grip extenders to improve the fit and performance, the HCP fit from the start. The Sig can be carried comfortably...
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    What have you bought firearms related in the last 48 hours?

    1k rounds in 9MM. These darn kids are eating me out of house and home. And oh yeah, a new Bore Sight laser.
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    i hate re-setting my watch

    My Apple Watch takes care of the mundane. It’s whatever time my Mac, iPad, of iPhone says it is.
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    Happy 2/29!....

    Very Happy 2/29 day
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    Still blazing

    Stay safe brother. Praying for you, your families, and your town.
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    What have you bought firearms related in the last 48 hours?

    I picked up a couple of these game changers. They made shooting my P365 an even better experience. https://www.xtechtactical.com/product/mtx-365-plus0-grip-extender-for-p365/
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    TIL: California Compliant Hellcats are Not Gear Up Eligible

    Yeah, it does. However, the folks at https://www.country-spirit.com/ did me real good, and I’ll leave it at that.
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    TIL: California Compliant Hellcats are Not Gear Up Eligible

    So, finally after waiting for what felt like an eternity from SA announcing that Hellcats were coming to California, to finally getting one in my hands, I decided to reach out to SA to see if they would extend the opportunity to obtain the additional mags. Well… Nope. The Customer Service...
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    Several Biometric Gun Safes Recalled Over Faulty Locks

    All three of my biometric safes come with keys as back up. Even as a techie, I did not want to fully entrust my family’s defense to a safe with a single point of failure.
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    Vote in the Primary Elections

    Already put our ballots in the drop box at City Hall!
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    Stoeger Double Defense Shotgun Review: Sub $500 Home Defense

    My M4 and Shockwave fit the bill for if SHTF in the middle of the night.
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    How Many Magazines Are Too Many?

    Thanks Bassbob. I trust your opinion here.
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    How Many Magazines Are Too Many?

    For handguns, 8. For rifles, 5. I am an OEM proponent, however, with the increase in prices, I am leaning towards going with a generic brand. Any recommendations on which ones and where for XD9 subcompact and Hellcat Pro OSP? I missed out on the Gear Up offer when I purchased my Hellcat.
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    Stipple a grip

    What he said!
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    Widespread cell service outage

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    What Is the Best Hellcat for You?

    Here’s to hoping my HCP becomes my favorite EDC. Unfortunately, I am at my limit of 3 on my permit and with all that I went through to add my P365, I may just wait until my November renewal.
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    California is Taking Things Too Far

    First you have a bill which would force you to register each gun annually at whatever cost they come up with. Now if that were not enough, along comes a bill which requires homeowners and renters to report their guns as a policy declaration. This could have unintended consequences: Either rate...
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    How to Control Recoil When Shooting a Handgun

    Very informative indeed