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  1. Peglegjoe

    To open carry or not

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned here is, crowd response to open carry. If you open carry and something bad DOES go down...you are now the person everyone is going to hide behind, and they will all expect you to save them. Because they've all seen your gun, amd now its your "job" to keep them...
  2. Peglegjoe

    What do YOU drive?

    Daily driver is a '14 Grand Cherokee ecodiesel. 27mpg in town, 32 highway. Work truck is a 2001 Ram 2500 cummins, 6 speed stick, 4x4, 270k miles Toy cars? 1990 Plymouth Voyager, factory turbocharged 2.5L 4 cylinder My 72 Plymouth Satellite station wagon: My 2009 Buell 1125CR 2006...
  3. Peglegjoe

    Your Summer Carry…do you .380?

    Just a leather belt. I got it as a "conceal carry belt"...but its just a plain ol' black leather Amish-made belt. My holster is an Alien Gear cloak tuck, 2.0 I believe. Leather base panel, plastic belt clips with 3 adjustment points on each clip to set ride height and cant. My shell is a...
  4. Peglegjoe

    Meet the Head Cheerleader for More Gun Control

    ...only Psaki is not as likeable...or smart.
  5. Peglegjoe

    Your Summer Carry…do you .380?

    Hellcat. Even in lightweight cargo shorts and a basketball tank top, its IWB in my Alien holster. I've done my 33 mile mountain bike route this way with zero issues, zero printing (even with the 13 round mag), and zero interference with my movements. The only "big" change to facilitate the gun...
  6. Peglegjoe

    Massachusetts Drama

    ...and we wonder why Colt sold themselves to CZ....
  7. Peglegjoe

    I totally forgot about that trigger!!!

    ...funny how that works, eh? Mine goes "bang" every time, too :sneaky:
  8. Peglegjoe

    Civics Teacher Overrules Supreme Court

    It's Loudoun County. 'nuff said. If you don't like the drills...quit. If you don't like active shooters...shoot back. "My teacher said to write what the second amendment meant to me. It means to me that I have the right to own a gun, so that I can shoot back at active shooters and kill them...
  9. Peglegjoe

    Good Sign for Ammo Availability?

    Don't forget the proposal for a mandatory $15/hour minimum wage. Any time you pay twice as much for a unit of goods...the value of both drops by 50%. Paying twice as much for the same amount of work makes zero sense - you aren't getting anything more for your money.
  10. Peglegjoe

    Fauci on Gun Violence: ‘How can you say that’s not a public health issue?’

    Well if Falsie...er, Fauci gets his way, the one ray of sunlight is we get to answer NOYB because, as a medical question, it falls under HIPAA. Granted, it's NOYB anyway...but this would give such an answer some legal standing as well.
  11. Peglegjoe

    Sunday gunday

    Finally, a 'glamour' pose...with decent trigger discipline! I'm so tired of all the shots of hot women with their fingers curled right around the damn trigger. THIS one, seems to know what she's doing. Makes the photo that much better! :love:
  12. Peglegjoe

    Training to shoot while riding.

    MD State Police has a multi-day shoot-from-the-saddle course for their Motor squad. I *almost* had a buddy of mine talked into letting me take the course with him....dammit. So close. Granted, a Harley/BMW is quite different than a mountain bike...but shooting while in motion (accurately!)...
  13. Peglegjoe

    Everytown Introduces New Gun Tracking Software in Baltimore

    I think it's cute that they think that all the gun crime in Baltimore comes through FFLs. Somehow, I don't think DeShawn on da corner is gonna sign up for the new software. Just a hunch. Gimme fiddy, get a gat. Note: I am the furthest thing from a racist. I am a realist. I was in Baltimore...
  14. Peglegjoe

    Responsible Gun Owners...NOT!

    Depends on where you are. Some places, those signs DO carry the force of law, and you can be arrested for violating them. Some places, those signs do NOT carry the force of law, and you can only be asked to leave. KNOW YOUR LAWS AND YOUR LOCALES.
  15. Peglegjoe

    Responsible Gun Owners...NOT!

    I - a white, straight, Christian male - went for surgery last week. In Baltimore. Where I - as a white, straight, Christian male - am "the enemy". A friend drove me, in my vehicle. She - a straight, white, Christian female - is a cancer survivor and weighs about 64 lbs soaking wet and...
  16. Peglegjoe

    Responsible Gun Owners...NOT!

    Personal Responsibility. That is the beginning and the end of it. Take care of yourself, because nobody else will. If something goes wrong...it's your own damn fault. The upside to that? When you're a success, you don't have to share credit with anyone.
  17. Peglegjoe

    Ignoring the Sign

  18. Peglegjoe

    Is The Revolver Dead? Is That a Trick Question?

    I love my dad's old '51 Colt 4" OP (.38spl). Fun to plink with, nice to have "just in case". Had it on my hip one evening when they were flying choppers over the neighborhood, looking for an escapee of some sort. Talking with my neighbor (9mm) and his wife (12ga) in their driveway when a...