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  1. Bragah

    New P226-XFIVE Legion up for Pre-order

    $2,200 seems like a slap in the face price to consumers. IMO not worth anywhere near that.
  2. Bragah

    The Best Pistol of All Time: The 1911

    I've talked to several trainers and they all say the same thing. People they train shoot more accurately with a 1911 then any other pistol. The only complaint they ever get is 'it's heavy' :LOL:
  3. Bragah

    10mm anyone

    I would recommend trying a 10mm before you buy one. 10mm does pack more of a punch than 45 does. If you end up liking it, then I'd say go for it.
  4. Bragah

    Sig P226 Legion SAO vs Staccato P (Sept 1, 2023)

    I applaud this level of organization. Now I need it. :D
  5. Bragah

    Long live the 1911

    Honest Outlaw just did a video on the 1911 yesterday. IMO YouTube titles are always clickbait, but... the video is pretty good. Quote from the end of the video: "If you were born in America, and you don't like 1911's, we can't be friends." :LOL:
  6. Bragah

    Plain base mags cost more?

    My guess? Supply and demand.
  7. Bragah

    Emissary 1911

    Anyone can have a problem with any gun. My friend bought a Staccato P brand new. It was milled wrong and was sheering metal off the slide when he fired it so he had to send it back. He then bought a BUL Amory 3.5" and it was a jamm-o-matic right out of the box and they had double threaded the...
  8. Bragah

    A fresh set of 1911 grips.

    Appreciate all the comments! Perusing to see what other color I might want now... 😬
  9. Bragah

    A fresh set of 1911 grips.

    That's why I bought them off Amazon. If there was a problem with the grips, instant return, no hassle :LOL: But good to know.
  10. Bragah

    A fresh set of 1911 grips.

    Here's the Amazon link. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086KV51BQ
  11. Bragah

    A fresh set of 1911 grips.

    While I like the blue grips that came with it, I -really- like the feel of the more aggressive grip pattern on these. Plus... I already have the blue and black, so why not red and black? Same G10 material as the original.
  12. Bragah

    What’s Your Oldest Firearm?

    1989 Springfield P9C.
  13. Bragah

    Suggestions Wanted for 1911 Replacement Grips

    Amazon links here - there are a few brands with slightly different grip patterns and colors. Brands I found are Guuun, Cool Hand and Bestwest. I'm sure there are more. I didn't see any VZ ones with the larger cutout. https://www.amazon.com/BESTWEST-1911-Grips-Government-Commander/dp/B08P6Z3F3P...
  14. Bragah

    Suggestions Wanted for 1911 Replacement Grips

    I actually picked up a set of these. They're regular size, but with the thumb cutout for easier access to the slide/mag release. G10 style grips. They also make some with a more aggressive thumb cutout as well - see the below picture.
  15. Bragah

    1911 you gotto have one

    Check out EGW if you want a checkered mainspring housing and mag well combo. I do not know if they have one that fits the Kimber so I would definitely check with them first, but they have a few options like this one: https://www.egwguns.com/officer-s-mainspring-housing-magwell-combo-25-lpi-ss...
  16. Bragah

    1911 you gotto have one

    I just went and bought my first 'real' 1911 (45acp) a few weeks ago. A bit pricier, but It was absolutely worth every penny. Shoots like dream. When you rack it and just hold it you can see and feel the difference. The front checkering is SO good. Once I held one with it, it was a must have...
  17. Bragah

    Impressions on HK VP40

    The VP40 reminds me of the Walther PPQ M2 .40 S&W.
  18. Bragah

    Rust and possible corrosion inquiry

    You'd spend more time and money then it's worth to return it, imo. I'd replace the safety selector and call it a day. They're cheap and easy to install.
  19. Bragah

    Considering a Colt 1911 45acp Gold Cup Trophy...

    One feature I forgot to mention that I absolutely love is the wider trigger. The purchase I can get on the trigger with my finger is SO much better than the standard size.
  20. Bragah

    Show off your 1911

    They really do and were totally worth the extra price. The Colt came with more nice to have extras too so the extra cost hurt much less :LOL: