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  1. kraythe

    M1A Performance Reload Recipes?

    Greetings, I have recently acquired an M1A loaded and although I will be shooting some factory ammo, I have done reloading before and I have all of the equipment to do it down to even an RCBS precision mic. I used to do quite a bit of reloading for my Remington 700. I am interested in if anyone...
  2. kraythe

    M1A Ammo?

    Yeah I have found out a bit more. Apparently should be read 81 in clockwise manner but that is the brass manufacture date and oddly the caliber is not marked.
  3. kraythe

    M1A Ammo?

    I have purchased an M1A Loaded and I am working on figuring out what round the firearm likes for accuracy. I would be interested to hear opinions on what has worked well for shot groups and reliable placement at 300+. I also bought some bulk ammo just to "have around" given the shortage and...