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    Does anyone remember

    Might be LaCrosse boots. Army surplus store used to sell them 1970’s. I can still remember the musky smell of that place.
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    Electric is the way to go?

    Ford ... https://tfltruck.com/2023/10/ford-lays-off-workers-f-150-lightning-rouge-plant-news/
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    California family behind $600 million, nationwide catalytic converter theft ring

    It’s the Law. You don’t tamper with pollution control devices in smog controlled California. Don’t expect much penalty against the defendants after the plea deal, special circumstances and if CA identity politics has a say. I’m going to monitor this to see what sentencing they’ll get. The...
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    very serious self defense question

    Be suspicious of those offering up a rocking chair for the slow periods….
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    Electric is the way to go?

    …and then the de-icer contaminates the surrounding soil and seeps into the ground wells, spring runoff residuals find way to the creeks, ponds etc.
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    very serious self defense question

    I’m a No for open carry. In fact at this season of my life I want no employment (security or clerk) that involves higher probability of criminal activity such as cash & carry businesses with late night hours being even worse. On the legal side; when SHTF, the store will be on the hook, but so...
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    Electric is the way to go?

    My neighbor has a manual outdoor plug-in transfer switch that leads to a separate breaker panel in the house, said these aren’t that difficult to install but would need some panel experience. Not my cup o’ tea. I’m all for having some sort of (portable) backup generator on hand, I have a...
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    Troops to area of Israel

    Sure enough, now it’s said today (Tues) that Sleepyjoe will make a visit Wed along with his milquetoast SoS, reversing the earlier snub to Netanyahu’s invitation set last week. The IDF invasion has been on standby for few days now….why, because of the visit that still can be put off another...
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    Troops to area of Israel

    It’s getting interesting and bizarre. The administration stated yesterday El Potus was readying to go to Israel, but also quick to the region Blinken is meeting (or met already) with IsraelI opposition party, and now Joe ‘the floor’s not level and my socks are wet” has cancelled his plans to...
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    SEINFELD REUNION? Giddy-up !

    Recall the shows pilot episode began with a topic that used the same line as when it ended. Somewhat clever but only for dedicated fans to pick up on. For the most I think it was part two of the ending that closed out the series with a sour, flat note. Really some hasty ragtag writing. I just...
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    Troops to area of Israel

    Its be reported Israel has amassed +300,000 at the border now. There hasn’t been any request from Israel to send US Troops, any funds or intervention that I’m aware of. So the nincompoops are posturing and deflecting attention from crooked joes latest corruption exposé - the classified documents...
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    Edgar was the last decent governor of IL, Quinn in my opinion is a decent regular joe, like Thompson which wasn’t that bad at governing but he and Ryan were just enough crooked just to comply with the swamp rule. Blago was a wannabe, more greedy for power than filling his pockets. I think...
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    MMEDGE ATF is busy in your neck of the woods

    Did probable cause come from some nefarious or careless individual squealing to save his own hide? This day and age could a LGS be that ignorant..and stupid? Some of the charges listed in the article are frivolous probably more of a courtesy than a cheat, certainly unconventional or was it...
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    USPS is so mismanaged

    Gotta waste money to get rate increases. Gotta ruin stuff to get new stuff. Never hear the chicken-littles complain about the carbon footprint and snubbing the green energy effort by trucking trailers 24/7 back and forth across state lines to deliver mail, especially when some is from the same...
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    Anyone else into cooking?

    Try some basil, cinnamon and brown sugar to that recipe next time, chop in 1/4c pine nuts too. Plenty of salt in those canned sauces so eliminate any additional seasoned or table salt.
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    Whatcha Watching?

    Never seen Reptile. At first I thought the movie was a Netflix original production which put out a few good films, one comes to mind was ‘Handsome’ with Jeff Garlin and a few other well knowns. Its been a while since I turned on Netflix even less since I was piggybacking on the kids account...
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    Whatcha Watching?

    Couple new shows returning with season 2 that caught my interest; Welcome To Wrexham Shining Vale Fargo - the 5th Season coming in November The regular rotation; - Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold and Oak Island always a favorite, any of Josh Gates Expeditions and the original Ghost Hunters, -...
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    New S&W 9mm announced next week??

    Hmmm, I just seen an high cap M&P duty pistol retailing in the range of $329 or so. Don’t remember which site or model but that’s close-out pricing for S&W.
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    Police and Border Police Officers heroically neutralized two armed….

    Not here. (we handout gift baskets, cellphones and cash) Riding and shooting skills along with an unrelenting determination - exemplified. https://x.com/israelpolice/status/1711435135822790972?s=20
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    moving blanket shooting mat

    Had some movers pads from UHaul, these were heavier and sturdier (but tend to disappear) than the big china box store ones. Also, I bought a small 8x10 tarp waterproof to drape over the motorcycle, not the slippery blue/silver cheapie but a dark moss green with a no-slip dark gray back side. I...