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  1. Mack2

    First Look: 15-Round Hellcat Magazine

  2. Mack2

    Hellcat Night Vision? The Surefire XSC WeaponLight

    I understand the need for a good weapons light. I have a Protech on my XD 40 home gun. The Hellcat is nice and so is the Shield, the stream light and a set of night sights, but, add all that together and your talking over $1500. For that amount of money I'm going to upgrade into a Dan Wesson.
  3. Mack2

    When Pistols Are Like Pickles

    The XDe as shown in the pictures is what I carry and it is also easier (not easier than EZ) to rack. The reason is that both the M&P EZ is single action hammer fired, XDE being both double and single. I carry mine single. Shooting the XDe in double places the trigger too far forward. I've...
  4. Mack2

    Can You Bulletproof Your Head?

    Put a flag or MAGA on it and it would sell at the gun shops.
  5. Mack2

    Peak Performance: The New XD-M Elite

    I wish the compact had the RMR cut.
  6. Mack2

    What Is a Slide Spider?

    I've had one on my XDe for over a year and shoot it and clean it every week and have not had any problem with it yet. I also have the Talon grip on it and haven't had any problems with those either on the XDe, XD, XDM and Glocks.
  7. Mack2

    What Is a Slide Spider?

    Yep, good product. I have one on my XDe. I also use the Talon grips ( different company, but, similar) on my XD, XDM, front strap on my A1 and my Glocks
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    Hellcat: 20K Rounds & Counting!

    I'm sorry, I gave you bad advice. I was talking with a friend about, you guessed it, guns, and confused my outside conversation while reading your post. We were talking about a M&P Shield with a safety. I wrote my response to him to you. Get some is what Miculek the Smith and Wesson speed...
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    Hellcat: 20K Rounds & Counting!

    Man, you are so right. I was in a conversation with a friend and we were talking and I just combined two conversations into this reply. I will correct that right now. Thanks
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    Reloading cost vs. factory bought, handgun and rifle

    Well, I reload as a hobby and for me time. Close the door, turn on the radio and go. Today as most are not enjoying shooting their guns at the range due to the great 2020 (1) ammo shortage, when I leave the range, I usually have ammo left over. Hahahaha!! I reload 380, 9, 9x18, 38spl, 357, 40...
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    Hellcat: 20K Rounds & Counting!

    Just don't use the one installed. The action remains the same. Get some!
  12. Mack2

    Hellcat: 20K Rounds & Counting!

    Waste of ammo.
  13. Mack2

    Top 5 XD-E Carry Holsters

    Try a sleeveless tee shirt undershirt, they are very airy. That's what I do, The undershirt also helps with perspiration.
  14. Mack2

    Top 5 XD-E Carry Holsters

    Belly band works for me in dress or casual dress attire, but, over a tee shirt. I tried it for awhile under a casual shirt, against bare skin and it was not good. Sweaty, itchy and then rubbing that turned into a rash. I also have hair on both sides of my torso and that pulls from time to time...
  15. Mack2

    Top 5 XD-E Carry Holsters

    We The People Holsters in Las Vegas. Great Holster for my XDe, best I found including all those listed in the article and at a very good price, 2 day free shipping. Anyway, that's all its taken them to reach me on the east coast. I now have one for my XD service 40 and my Glock 23.
  16. Mack2

    Springfield Armory’s Range Officers

    My Berry bullet hand loads would not chamber in my CZ75; no problem in my other pistols (5). The problem was not having a tight crimp with the oversized plated bullet in the CZ .356 vice .355. Found that by removing my barrels and dropping in rounds; I compared chambers and cartridges according...