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    Newsom Unveils 28th Amendment to Ban ‘Assault Weapons’, Criminalize Private Transfers, And More

    Who's in for a go fund me to send gavin to the Wizard of OZ to get a brain???
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    Daffy Zone…..

    No ,just the smart ones. But I can close my eyes and easily remember the pain..
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    Daffy Zone…..

    Yup. And it contained real mercury. Not the sissy stuff they sell today.
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    The Day After D-Day

    Truly an awesome accomplishment in this day and time. June 1 was our 38 wedding anniversary and on August 8 our twins birthday we will have been together 47 years. They were born to the day we met 9 years before within a matter of minutes. If that recollection sounds odd you must not be married...
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    Talk about hipocrisy!

    I wouldn't call hunter exceptional except as a ............. but he does have an exceptional connection.
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    Daffy Zone…..

    Not sure how to read that. You don't matter ,give up .Or is it you matter, don't give up ? Reminds me of the SLOW CHILDREN PLAYING. Are the children slow? Or SLOW..........Children Playing.
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    Why People Hate the 1911 (and Why They’re Wrong)

    One Saturday morning I was sitting on the floor in front of the closet when the wife walked in. She asked what I was doing. I told her I was trying to decide which guns to take to the range. She said I had too many and walked out. Monday morning I walked in on my wife standing in front of the...
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    5 Ways to Keep Game From Spoiling in Summer Weather

    Great article but they missed "cook and eat" as a great way.
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    A Breed Apart: The Rogue and the Prodigy

    I'm curious to know from any of you that use Kydex holsters what affect it has on the finish of your firearm. I'm well aware really nice leather can after a lot of use wear the finish but I do not have any Kydex yet.
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    Firearms Training Record...

    Does anyone have a BEWARE OF DOG sign on their fence? If you are the home owners attorney and someone gets bit it is a plus for defense. As in it serves as a warning. If you are the attorney for the person that got bit you can use it against the home owner claiming he knew the dog was...
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    Families sue Snapchat…

    Simple. The drug dealers were breaking the law. Gun manufactures are not.
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    Daffy Zone…..

    Yup . I knew some guys like that except I always thought they were peckerwoods.
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    Sig Sauer P320 issues.

    Having riden Harleys for a number of years and managed the parts department of a Harley dealership I would often tell people that should not ride let alone sit on a Harley when they complained about oil leaks I told them the best way to prevent leaks was to drain all the oil out. So I think the...
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    Stay outta Austin...

    Does anyone on here think it would have been a better choice to turn around and go the other way ???
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    Daffy Zone…..

    In a word, OUTSTANDING!
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    Daffy Zone…..

    Hayes Ill bet you remember Art Linkletter. Kids say the darndest things.
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    .45 ACP Delivery systems, Old and New.

    I beg to differ on a Glock not jamming. I have seen a lot of limp wristed shooters stove pipe them.
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    Daffy Zone…..

    Years ago my best friends mother worked for the state. There was a poster outside of her office that was a take on the Dick and Jane readers from the 60s about drinking and driving. It went See Dick drink. See Dick drive. See Dick Die. Don't be a Dick. I still think its funny. If you guys dont...
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    Pet Peeves

    And all of the side effects include death. Didnt and still dont hear any side effects of the covid vaccine.
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    Pet Peeves