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    10 best caliber carbines

    Same here
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    What have you bought firearms related in the last 48 hours?

    Ruger super wrangler
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    Their only liberal if you agree with them. Otherwise, they're closed minded.
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    Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

    My thoughts exactly
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    44 magnum

    At one time, I had a Redhawk and a Super Blackhawk. Sadly, I don't have either now.
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    Too Much Tacticool: What is Truly Needed on a Home Defense Rifle?

    My home is in town. Personally, I would never consider a long gun for my home defense. But to each their own.
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    Pocket pistols

    Anything bigger than that won't fit in my pocket
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    How to Control Recoil When Shooting a Handgun

    This will sound stupid to some but, learn to enjoy the recoil. I'm not talking about guns that actually hurt.
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    What Is the Best Hellcat for You?

    Hellcat micro works well for me.
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    Best 9mm Revolver: Everyday Carry Options

    I have a gp100 match champion in 10mm just because.
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    Understanding the Hellcat U-Dot Sights

    I would also be interested in one
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    Best Carry Spots For Daily Tasks

    For me, 3:30> 4:00. Never with a safety on. I don't concern myself with how others carry.
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    Which stance do you use ?

    I honestly don't think about stance. I like to shoot from various positions
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    American ruger

    Looks to be an improvement over the sr9
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    New Ruger LC Carbine 45acp

    When they come out with a 10mm, they will have my attention and probably my money.
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    EV’s - wave of the future- unless its freezing

    Apparently the people pushing EVs slept through physics class.
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    Tisas US Army .45 came today

    Mine came with both.
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    Inglis High Power Returns to US Market

    I'm anxious to actually see one.
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    Tisas 1911 Raider B45RDG Review

    If I ever get another 1911 style, the Raider just might be it. I have the Tisas 1911 a1 us army.
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    For those in non-...

    I would love to see the 44/44mag tube fed come back.