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    What have you bought firearms related in the last 48 hours?

    I bought a used XDM 9mm, 4.5 inch....had one previously and sold it a couple of years ago....regretted it and have been looking for another. Found one Monday night....should be delivered to my LGS tomorrow.
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    i already knew there wasn't much hope...of a longer life

    My wife's Honda came with Goodyear Assurance tires....we got 65,000 out of them. We currently have a set of them on the car again....currently have 50,000 on them and have plenty of tread left. Bought these at Wal Mart for much less than from most other dealers
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    Daffy Zone…..

    I relate to all of those things.....and sure do miss those times
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    New EDC life phase

    Is cross draw an option?
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    Great Movie Lines…. Can You Guess The Movie?

    Smokey and the Bandit....
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    What a wonderful morning on the range

    Went to the property this morning to take advantage of the low 70s here in Central Alabama.....put 50 through the Echelon....great shooter. The one miss was most definitely on me
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    Thoughts on the new Echelon

    I purchased one a couple of weeks ago. I really like the feel, the weight and overall look of the gun. I have only put about 25 rounds thru it thus far but it is by far the best shooting Springfield out if the box that I have ... I have 5 so that says something to me. Really smooth, great...
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    New Gun

    Congrats!! I had a new gun follow me home today too....an Echelon I purchased under the military first line program. Sold my XD 9, 4in, to make room. Got more for the XD than what I paid for it.....so, overall a great day!!
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    Daffy Zone…..

    I lived that life!! We lived in rural north Georgia and we would leave home on our dirt bikes and ride in the mountains miles away from home....parents never knew where we were. If we made it home by dark, they didn't even ask questions. I couldn't imagine allowing my grandchildren to...
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    New HVAC Installed

    I get a new unit installed Monday.....16 days after my unit died. Thankful for temp units that have helped us to get by but am ready for an entirely cool house....not just a couple of rooms. The house has been as high as 86....Temps here in Alabama have topped 95 for the past two...
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    Great Movie Lines…. Can You Guess The Movie?

    Attitude reflects leadership, captain!
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    Poll: Your Carry Choice Influence

    My daily carry depends primarily on what I am wearing. Most days I will carry the Hellcat Pro IWB (jeans, cargo shorts. Etc.) but I carry the XD 9 Subcompact OWB when I am wearing a suit, sports coat or winter coat. I also carry the Subcompact IWB on occasion. I will be working my XDM...
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    New Walther

    The trigger feels really nice ... specs say 5.5 lb trigger pull. Wife really liked the soft recoil and easy to rack slide....first semi she has been excited about
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    New Walther

    Picked up a Walther CCP M2 today for the wife...she loved the size, weight and feel in her hand. She usually carries a airweight 38 revolver so the 8+1 gives her 4 more rounds. Cleaned it, lubed it and took it to the property this evening and put about 70 rounds through it. Smooth...
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    My Colts

    Nice.....I especially like the CMSgt insignia as I am a retired chief as well
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    School shooting in Nashville

    I am surprised that the shooter was able to access the school via a side door (per reports)....surprised all doors weren't locked and visitors have to be buzzed in. I too wonder why so many folks are struggling so badly with life and day to day issues....I grew up in lower middle class Georgia...
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    Guns you sold

    XdM 4.5 9mm......have regretted since I sold it