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    The Springfield Echelon vs Sig P320 (The Best Modular Pistol?)

    Picked up an Echelon and after 300 rounds: General impression: Attractive, well-made pistol that is Glockish. The trigger did not impress at first, but in all fairness, my prior range time had been spent with the PDP Pro compact, which has a much lighter trigger. Second trip to the range, the...
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    First Look: Springfield 1911 DS Prodigy 9mm

    I remember buying some 45ACP in WalMart for $27 a box and next to it was the same white box Winchester for 12.99 a box. Started buying 9mm pistols after that.
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    Is the SA-35 Suited for Modern CCW? An Undercover Cop’s Perspective

    If the new gun was similar to what I was carrying, especially in polymer, striker fired guns, 500 or a little more was fine. But if going from a DA/SA decocker SIG to a Smith 1911, or a H&K P30, 2000 let me get familiar with the quirks and characteristics of a totally different pistol as I...
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    Is the SA-35 Suited for Modern CCW? An Undercover Cop’s Perspective

    This thread was a surprise. I'm new to Springfields and recently purchased a SA-35. I only have about 300 rounds thru it due to impulse buying a Prodigy about two weeks later, and the 35 has been mostly put away while working out with the Prodigy. The SA-35 has been accurate and reliable with no...
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    How Much Of A Role Does Avoiding Trouble Play In Your Overall Strategy?

    True. I live in a small town in southwest Georgia (population 10,000ish). We made the national news because a idiot manager with little man syndrome jumped a female coworker who refused to work overtime. Of course someone was videotaping it...
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    Springfield Armory’s FIRSTLINE: Discount Program for First Responders

    1st Post: Thanks for the add! In about a month I went from never owning a Springfield to owning two: The SA-35 and the Prodigy 4.25. The SA-35 has functioned perfectly, and after having the last failure to feed around the 250 mark on the round count, the Prodigy has run with no failures. Good...