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  1. Inusuit

    What have you bought firearms related in the last 48 hours?

    Grip screw for a S&W 1st Model Safety .32. I'm a big spender.
  2. Inusuit

    HELP: .45 ACP 1911 jammed/locked with thumb safety engaged

    Would an another option been to tap the safety out from the opposite side? Need to be careful to retain the plunger and spring.
  3. Inusuit

    speaks of us becoming complacent

    I have some experience with original Colt Single Action 1873s and Italian replicas. Originals and the replicas that accurately operate like the originals have the "four click" hammers. First click is the safety notch, intended to prevent the firing pin from resting against a live primer...
  4. Inusuit

    USA TODAY: Police Killed 1300 in 2023

    I believe most of those needed killin'.
  5. Inusuit

    Solar panels

    We have 35 solar panels and battery storage. Our electric "bill" from the grid is often a rebate. I don't understand the hate.
  6. Inusuit

    S&W New Product announcement Jan. 22 2024

    Those cartridges look to skinny to be .45 Colt. .357?
  7. Inusuit

    "Old" Guns

    Some "bells and whistles" are legitimate upgrades. Others are mostly marketing. Keep your "old" gun and spend the money on ammunition or training.
  8. Inusuit

    Daffy Zone…..

    Took a minute to remember Brit insults.
  9. Inusuit

    1911 Springfield clips

    Bold talk for a one-eyed fat man.
  10. Inusuit

    Which color grips for a gray 1911?

  11. Inusuit

    Cowboy guns

    Ruger Single Six was my second handgun, circa 1960. Blackhawk a few years later. Wore out a pair of original Vaqueros in Cowboy Action matches, practice, and dry fire. For no good reason, recently brought home a Wrangler 3.75" barrel with standard grip frame. My Bearcat went to my grandson.
  12. Inusuit

    Me likey

    Be nice if they followed up with a plain version for those of us on a limited budget. I have always liked N frames.
  13. Inusuit

    Pocket pistols

    My tiny gun is a Baby Browning. Cool gun. I never carry it.
  14. Inusuit

    Shackletons shack

    Amazing preservation. Thank you for posting that. Of course there probably aren't any miscreants around to vandalize the place.
  15. Inusuit

    The New Savage 1911

    Different strokes for different folks. I like all my 1911s.
  16. Inusuit

    Does Your Doctor Want To Disarm You?

    Read this on another forum. Doc asks "do you have a gun in your home?" Guy says "I have one in your office."
  17. Inusuit

    Another senseless crime

    An 11 year old was recently arrested in Chicago for carjacking a woman while displaying a firearm. Reports say this was not his first violent offense. Imagine the press coverage if you resisted a jacking with deadly force.
  18. Inusuit

    Turned down again, cuz I am retired and old

    I understand the desire to earn some "mad money" but if you really don't need the dough, there are many opportunities for volunteer work. Volunteers are needed in many areas. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work 20 hours a week in the firearms collection at a local museum. Keeps my...
  19. Inusuit

    Daffy Zone…..

    If you just Google It pops right up.
  20. Inusuit

    Gimmick To Game-Changer: Cheek Shooting with the Mossberg Shockwave

    I found a 20 gauge Shockwave for under $200. Thought about a truck gun. Don't want to explain to a small town cop why it's not a sawed off. So it sits in the safe.