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    Anyone carry a Mil-Spec 1911? If so let’s talk about the pros and cons

    Taurus 1911 with accessory rail in a leather iwb and two extra mags, ( all Chip McCormick ss 8 round). Carried for years but recently lost a bunch of weight, (down to 165 lbs from 245lbs) and it just doesn't sit on my hip like it use to. Going to look at something else soon. Until weight loss...
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    so, a limit on magazine capacity would have prevented this.???

    The powers that be , who also declare there are now only winners, not losers in every race or contest so everybody gets a participation ribbon, don't want you to have any firearms, your not responsible enough- But their 'trained' bodyguards definitely have to right to have those same weapons...
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    Who would dare or tread the waters

    I like being able to use my hands and arms, hard pass! Lol
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    Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone & Families

    Happy Thanksgiving to all & pray for our soldiers & all of the essential responders out there working to be there in any emergency.
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    Blend or Bleed: Will You Make the Right Choice?

    A lot depends on your AO. Here on the border of Arkansas & Oklahoma I can travel 30 minutes and go from country heaven to city hell. Each one requires a different style and mindset to be a"Grayman". Pay attention to your environment goes a long way.