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    The Four Parts of a Cartridge

    And what does velocity speed per second on the side of the box mean? I mean I know the definition. Just wondering how/what is the better speed for a weapon?
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    The Four Parts of a Cartridge

    Great article for the ones like me who really don't know about gun mechanics but just loves to shoot, and also in my case of Army service, (first time I ever shot a gun) "they put a gun in my hand, taught me how to shoot, and I was good at it". lol I learned something... for some reason I...
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    Vegas next week... any recommendations?

    Well at age 58 I'm finally taking a trip to Vegas next week. Already have the first day reserved for a helicopter flight to the Hoover Damm, then a flight through the Grand Cannon. Land with a driving tour then 2 hours at the gun range there. The rest of the time is pretty much in the city...
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    45 auto day

    Well, I think 45 day is the only pistol day I "celebrate", but I do like to plan events around .223 day, Feb 2nd and 3rd. lol and my favorite, .308 day, March 8th. When I get to bring out my M1A. I guess you could do 5.56 days (May 5th and 6th), 7.62 day (2 days in July) and what .300 Blackout...
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    45 auto day

    Happy 45 Day... Not as tight as your shot group but I still like to celebrate the "holiday" every year by bringing out my 45's of 4/5 day.
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    Wednesday is always range day. a couple of clips.

    Took my Sig Sauer MPX out yesterday. This is my primary home defense weapon; it hangs locked and loaded behind my door. Unlike TV shows and movies, you can still hear the gun firing even with a suppressor, just not as loud. As most, if not all of you would know.
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    Wednesday is always range day. a couple of clips.

    It's a GoPro on the stand but on my weapon is the Viridian XTL with cam... it's a tactical light with an HD camera, I usually use it for training, mostly on my handguns when I do a shoot house or something. I don't keep it on for practical use, just training.
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    Wednesday is always range day. a couple of clips.

    I belong to 2 ranges, an indoor one, The Alamo in Naples, FL. and a private, members only outdoor one, 50Deep Range in the deep parts of Collier County. So depending on weather I hit a range every Wednesday. Here's a couple of clips from this past Wednesday. Next week going to celebrate .45 Day...
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    Bridge Collapse After Being Struck By Cargo Ship

    Sad, reminds me of the Sunshine Skyway. I was just a kid with dad we were about 5 miles away from crossing the bridge when it happened. Hope for lesser life lost on this one. That was a sad day for Floridians.
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    Q. on a TI-RANT 45M suppressor on my Hellcat Pro

    Thanks, will do... I already have a 9mm suppressor bought and paid for at the Silencer Shop, the JK 105 CCX 9 which was recommended for my Hellcat Pro here. I'm just on the waiting list for my ATF tax stamp... just thought maybe, since I already have the other one, I could start using it...
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    Q. on a TI-RANT 45M suppressor on my Hellcat Pro

    Excuse my ignorance on this one, I really know nothing about suppressors. I bought my first one 3 years ago, the TI-RANT 45M (https://advanced-armament.com/shop/silencers/pistol/ti-rant-45m/) and had my local armor install it on my Sig MPX, where it pretty much has stayed. My Q. I have a...
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    SIG SAUER Company failure to honor guarantee

    Sounded like he just needed to vent... and I'm OK with that. Good Luck and welcome to the forum. ;)
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    Favorite Childhood Cartoon...

    UnderDog... bought the whole series on Apple TV a few years ago and can't imagine why that was my favorite as a child. It's stupid now. lol
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    First Impressions of a gun manufacture... just thinking out loud here.

    Hello, I was reading through a new member introduction thread when Bassbob posted something I thought was interesting about Sig being better than SA. Now I'm not sure that's what he was saying so if wrong Bassbob please forgive me. I didn't want to highjack that thread, so I started this one...
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    Hello from new Member, and an Operator question.

    Hello, and welcome also a MP for 10+ years... Civilian LEO for 20+ retired now. I have the new Sig 1911 X on order so can't answer that one yet. But I do have the SA TRP Operator and I originally started with the Shield Sight SMSc 4MOA compact mini sight but my aging eyes couldn't handle the...
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    So, does more money equal better weapon?

    Good discussion, didn't want to quote your long post Old Me, but thou you showed great examples and I agree any shooter can have a bad day or a good day BUT the target I posted was one mag at a time between the 2 weapons, the DW in the head while center mass was used for the Springfield. Both...
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    So, does more money equal better weapon?

    I respect opinions here but fail to understand your arguments. Based on my post and picture it is clear that more expensive is better, which goes against what I believed up until I did this "test". Can you argue or explain how the DW is so tight compared to the Springfield? That was the...
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    So, does more money equal better weapon?

    Range Day was testing out my new DW against my older Springfield. (First top of the line 1911 for me, have about 8 "regular", common ones.) .45 testing. Same shooter, 12 yards away. This is the difference between a $2000 Dan Wesson and a $700 Springfield. BUT don’t worry, they both do the job...
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    More Florida Debate

    Exactly... Born and raised in Florida. Love my state. But I just want to buy a billboard on I75 and I95 South and say... "Freedom Florida is full, go back up North and sleep in the liberal beds you made". ;) I'm all for tourist, just wish and I know we can't, won't and probably wrong to stop...
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    Threaded barrel kit for Hellcat

    I'm not sure what gun you're saying you have, but they do also sell the threaded barrel for the XDm 9mm, but now that you said subcompact maybe not for your gun. I bought the threaded barrel for both my Hellcat Pro and XDm.