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    Taurus G3C 9mm FTF issue

    Try ordering some Wolfe Springs. Rob Leatham once told me that JHP's were slightly more accurate than FMJ so that is what I loaded for competition (USPSA using a Kimber 1911). Unfortunately my 1911 was not all that fond of JHP's even using Wilson mags. Not a cost issue I was reloading. After...
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    Gun Control Is A Myth: The Second Amendment Stands Strong Or Not At All – Part 1

    I will comply with the buyback program. I will sell back to the government all the guns I bought from them. After all a buyback means you bought from them right? Also I would expect full value.
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    Are You Carrying the Right Gun?

    It is only a single action. Not really meant for carry. Just messing around.
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    Are You Carrying the Right Gun?

    While not a great carry gun I have a CZ TSO. Large gun, large grip, 20 round mag, 3lbs, 2lb trigger, and I guess since it has a safety you "could" carry it. You could not ask for a much more accurate gun. I also have a Sig Stainless Super Target 1911 with a Nils Target grip. Again difficult to...
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    Ammunition shortage winding down soon?

    After Sandy Hook that night I was on the computer ordering ammo. It was soon out of stock and the prices escalated. Unfortunately these things have become predictable.
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    Why You Should Buy in Ammo in Bulk

    Interesting article. Exactly where do you find popular ammo in bulk at a reasonable price these days? Target Sports used to have free shipping but they are ALWAYS out of stock. I used to use Natchez but as an example 1000 rd bulk: March-$147 May-$207 July-$327 Aug.-$399 Sep.$459 Nov.$809 When...
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    Support for tougher gun laws has dropped

    I think, I hope, they will back off gun control. There was no "Blue Wave" they actually lost in the house coming close to having no majority. With the 2022 in sight and gun control a loser I think they will stay away worrying about losing the majority. Something that happened last time they...
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    Gun shops empty and rationing ammo

    2 out of 3 of my local gun stores have a decent supply of guns, just not the most popular ones. Popular ammo is the problem. My range will sell ammo to you for range use @ $29 for 9mm. They will NOT let you buy a bunch to take home. The same with the adjacent gun store. They will sell you ammo...
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    Showdown: Springfield Armory Hellcat vs. Sig Sauer P365

    First of all I consider them Micro Compacts. Sub compacts for me are say; H&K P30sk's which are great. I have a P365 and have never seen a reason to try a Hellcat. I do carry it only rarely and when that is on the belt I use the 12 round mag which I find comfortable. I use the NPZ finger grip...
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    The Personal Journey To Your EDC Gun

    I had Sig do an Action Job and SRT and it made a world of difference. If the wait time is not too long I would also consider Gray Guns, pretty much the Sig Masters for improvements.
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    The Personal Journey To Your EDC Gun

    Personally I like a medium sized handgun. Among my favorites are H&K P2000, VP9, Sig P226 and P30. Secondly would be a sub compact like a P30sk. On some occasions I carry a P365 but prefer a larger gun. Rarely I carry a 1911 (Dan Wesson Classic Bobtail) because of my dislike of a safety on an...
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    The Best Handgun Caliber

    I was never bothered by the recoil of the .40. I carry both .40 and 9mm confidently. I started out with .40 because it was major in USPSA and I would take any advantage I could. Plus reloading .40 is than 9mm for me.
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    The Personal Journey To Your EDC Gun

    I fully support the gun industry. The next perfect EDC or range gun may just be around the corner. Do I need a larger safe? Most telling comment: When a friend was moving his wife while watching said, "You have two gun safes?"
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    $800/$1200 Ar brand suggestions fixed mag Ca

    I have a lower priced S&W which is good to shoot 556 or 223. It is very accurate and reliable. The price will leave you enough money left over for decent glass which sometimes costs more than the gun.
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    Practice Distance

    Thankfully my range allows double taps. I also practice about 40% of my shots with one hand. As an "Old" guy shooting one hand seems pretty natural. Now shooting weak hand the target is safe. gglass, for someone who used to shoot Bullseye that was damn good shooting.
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    Type of holster you use for EDC

    OWB for either IDPA or USPSA I always used Blade Tech if not a speed holster for USPSA. Not a holster I would use for concealed carry as I prefer leather for that but for the shooting sports I like Blade Tech.
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    Is It Safe to Carry a Handgun Fully Loaded?

    How many times do we go over this? Quickly just picture this: Someone is approaching you obviously with bad intent with a knife or other object. Your first instinct is to put out your hand to fend off an attack. How do you rack the slide?
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    Saint AR Pistol Failure

    Not the same but my Edge has been flawless with all the ammo I have used. Good luck. I personally would stop messing around and send it back. You paid good money for this gun and it should work. I slight digression; this is similar to 1911 owners, and I have a few I love but for some reason...
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    Why You Should Avoid Handloads for Concealed Carry

    One of the incidents you are talking about the police officers firing from about 25 feet, feet NOT yards fired 90 shots hitting the suspects SIX times and innocent bystanders NINE times. And Biden wants them to aim for the leg. Good Luck!
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    A Simple Reading of the Law is what Scares Gun Control Activists

    All for naught if Biden is elected.