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    The worst thing about a good edc knife is losing it. I just had to replace mine and went with a crkt ceo compact.
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    Safe Recommendation

    I need help finding a good safe. My needs are handguns (6 at this time) only, no long guns, and light enough to get up 3 flights of stairs. I can find safes all day long, but what I'm finding are just way to big. I live on the third floor, with NO elevator, I can get a dolly to get it up the...
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    Red dots and the choices you made

    I'm a holosun fan. I do better with green, and they are the only ones I have found that don't cost more than the handgun I'm putting it on.
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    Red Dots and pistols. I have seen the light.

    Make sure to check out the Green version. I can not use the Red, but the green is so much easier to see and brighter then you would think.
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    What’s the Best Reflex Sight Dot Color?

    When I had my Hell Cat I went with a swampfox sentinel red dot. For me it was a costly mistake. I learned just how bad my astigmatism was. I did not get a dot. I got a big red blur that made it useless. I just picked up a holosun in green, and I have no issue with it. For the the green is...
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    Never though that way

    This is kinda long, and deals with my wife views. My wife is new to firearms. We went to the range the first time rights as everything was shutting down. She tried everything in 9mm from Glock to FN, and thought she liked the Sig P365. But the more she shoot it, the less she liked it. Now...
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    Carry vs No Guns sign.

    I keep seeing the word respect used in this thread, but as a white middle aged male gun owner, I am the least respected person at this time in America. The whole thread would never be an issue if the store owner respected me enough to simple follow the same law I'm expected to follow.
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    Carry vs No Guns sign.

    For those of us in Texas https://www.dps.texas.gov/section/handgun-licensing/faq/laws-relate-carrying-handgun-faqs Question 9 and 10 are related to the question.
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    Carry vs No Guns sign.

    Is it just a generic sign, or a sign that meets the state requirement? If it's just a sign, I legally can and do ignore it. If it's a legally posted sign, I go somewhere else if I can, or lock my gun in the car.
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    Does your edc have a wml?

    I keep seeing "people on YouTube" with weapons mounted lights, and I (at this time) don't see the need for one. If you do use one why?
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    Training with a 22, not your carry gun

    With 9mm still hard to find, and a little on the high side. I'm starting to look at a 22 to use for range time instead of my 9mm. Looking around I can find 22 pistols and rounds cheaper then I can find 9mm rounds. My line of thought is all the fundamentals are the same, are am I missing...
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    Why Defensive Firearms Training is So Important: The Sheriff's Take

    This brings up the question of how do you find training?
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    What ammo do you use

    I have an old JC Higgins 22 that has been around 70 plus years that still gets the job done. (Had to edit the age. Damn I'm getting old, and my dad is even older)
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    Another p320 "accidental discharge"

    How has Sig survived this so far? https://abc13.com/sig-sauer-lawsuit-p320-pistol-brittney-hilton-accidental-discharge/10974219/
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    Concealed carry for a bass guitarist

    This is something I've been looking at, not sure if it will help you or not https://www.phlsterholsters.com/shop/phlster-enigma/
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    Should I Appendix Carry?

    Warrior poet society did a good video about the danger's of carry, and is worth w watch. But since you can not link to YouTube anymore, here is the search to find it...
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    Carrying a Concealed Firearm in a Place of Worship

    Where I go, the thought is, if the ushers are involved, it's to late. We are an inviting group, bit if something seems off, it's our job to ask questions, before they get inside. A simple good morning goes a long way sometimes.
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    Favourite boot

    I'm a fan of keen. 8 hours on concrete, and no issues.
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    Help me find a gun

    Well last night I had a very fun trip to the range. Im a member at a shoot point blank, so I get free gun rentals 😀, and and I went through more guns last night then ever. But one down side to it that was, I realized the hellcat is too small for me. I did side by side shooting, and even...
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    Help me find a gun

    I have given up on finding a Hellcat RDP, but Im still in the market for something new. I'm looking for a compact (or sub compact) "red dot" ready and with a threaded barrel, and under 1,000. so far I have only found 2 (I think) that have what I am looking for. 1. the FN 509 Compact Tactical...