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  1. Steverino

    Is the EMP 1911 a Compromised Design?

    Looks very similar to a SuperTuck CrossBreed holster: https://www.crossbreedholsters.com/supertuck-iwb-holster.html S/A also did an article on EMP holsters: https://www.thearmorylife.com/springfield-emp-1911-holster-round-up/ Love the two different Mitch Rosen IWBs (Clipper & Uncle Sal's...
  2. Steverino

    Ayoob: Is There a 9mm 1911 Problem?

    I have been remiss in not following up with a range report, but will do so. Since posting, I had an ejector problem with the REMP 3, and while S/A was fixing the ejector I also had them do a trigger job to reduce the pull weight and make things smoother. While the REMP was being serviced by...
  3. Steverino

    Springfield Ronin EMP 4 Failure to Feed

    Is the extractor still securely held in place by 2 pins? I have had one break in the past, and that caused the extractor to swivel slightly and cause some failures to eject. Also, make sure that when cleaning the slide, the channel for the extractor is well-cleaned and lubed. A polished ramp...
  4. Steverino

    Springfield Ronin EMP 4 Failure to Feed

    Did you contact S.A. customer service? Your new EMP comes with a lifetime warranty, and the S.A. customer service phone reps are very knowledgeable and helpful. I had an issue with a broken weld on the spring assembly of my Ronin EMP 3, and S.A. sent me a replacement assembly at no charge and...
  5. Steverino

    Did I Overstep on this One?

    Good job! When it comes to family and friends in need, sending lawyers, guns and money even as discrete, just-in-case backup, can't be that bad! ;) But then again, I am a fan of Warren Zevon's tunes.
  6. Steverino

    Review: XD-M Magwell Conversion Kits

    Would like to do this with my Ronin EMP3. However, I think I would be limited to the 10 round mag that goes with the EMP4, and even then, I’m not sure whether or not there would be some cycling issues with that longer mag in my gun. Nonetheless, it would still be nice to have more magwell...
  7. Steverino

    Ronin 9mm full disassembly

    Did you scope out the S/A 1911 Manual on line at: S/A Ronin 1911 Manual I think it's the same manual as for the .45 caliber model.
  8. Steverino

    Multiple people approach vehicle in possible carjacking attempt in middle of night. But victim has a gun

    I think I get it: Sinatra‘s Strangers in the Night and Some Enchanted Evening from South Pacific! Like Quentin Tarantino movie soundtracks preluding a looming confrontation. 😆
  9. Steverino

    What was the last time you saw Speer bullets for sale??

    Speer S&W 40 available at Velocity Ammo Sales. Have been happy with their customer service and fast shipping. Link: Velocity Berelli has some 9 mm 124: Bereli
  10. Steverino

    leather holster, finally

    OMG, you actually succeeded in creating and posting the “not equal sign!” Truly, this is a sign that bodes well for this thread! 😁
  11. Steverino

    Simple Tricks to Improve Your Handgun Accuracy

    Thanks to all you gentlemen for sharing your experiences and giving some additional great advice. 👍 Totally agree that practice is essential. I see a very good instructor at least twice a month and his motto is: learn, fail, improve, repeat!
  12. Steverino

    Finally got my CCL.

    Congrats, and well done! I am liking my Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather IWB leather holster for my Ronin EMP 3. Good holster hunting!
  13. Steverino

    Simple Tricks to Improve Your Handgun Accuracy

    Good article, but the video also has some good info on gripping the gun to reduce muzzle flip and shooting to the trigger reset. Fred seems like a very good instructor. (y)
  14. Steverino

    leather holster, finally

    I have a Mitch Rosen IWB for my Ronin EMP 3, and the holster mouth is steel reinforced to prevent closing. Purchased the "Clipper" model from their express line (faster turn around). The fit and finish is excellent, and the belt clip is heavy duty and holds the holster in place with no issue...
  15. Steverino

    Review: Swampfox Kentucky Long Scope

    Nicely done video and very informative article. (y) Like the info on the Reece MIL reticle design, and have been wanting to check into this more. I've been using a Swampfox Arrowhead LPVO 1-8x24 with a red MOA reticle. It has excellent illumination and clarity, and the push/pull locking turrets...
  16. Steverino

    Review: XD OSP Slide Conversion Kits

    Keep us "posted" on what you find out. (y) Would love to have an interchangeable optic-cut slide for the EMP.
  17. Steverino

    Review: XD OSP Slide Conversion Kits

    Very good article. Would love to see a slide kit for my Ronin EMP3! 😁
  18. Steverino

    Making a Rifle Round at Sellier & Bellot

    Very cool video! I like shooting S&B rounds. Excellent quality, especially for the price. Best of health to Larry!
  19. Steverino

    Choosing a Concealed Carry Gun Belt — Ratchet Belts and Other Modern Solutions

    I have been using Kore Essentials belts for the past two years and have been very pleased with their comfort, ease of use and durability. I have both the Tactical 1.5" (8lb load rating) and the Western 1.5" (6lb load rating.) Kore also makes some pretty cool western buckles and laser engraved...
  20. Steverino

    AR Platforms of Eugene Stoner: Not Just an AR-15

    Well-written and informative. Always found the history of the ARs to be confusing, and this helps to clarify some of it.