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  1. ghosttwofive

    Taurus G3C 9mm FTF issue

    I tend to think my G3C issues are more of an exception, not the rule. I eventually bought a new barrel for my G3C and it's ran flawlessly since then, any ammo I can throw at it, it eats without complaint. If I had thought of that at the beginning I could have probably saved myself a lot of time...
  2. ghosttwofive

    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    That Sig is simply just stunning...wow. Nice 1911 sir.
  3. ghosttwofive

    Kudos to guns.com

    I've bought from guns.com before, very good customer service and super quick shipping to my local FFL. I got a Sig Sauer P320X Compact from them last year and it was at my local FFL in just a bit over 48 hours coming from quite a ways away. I've had no issues at all with them.
  4. ghosttwofive

    How to legally sell guns

    Agreed on the consignment sale. I've sold a couple of rifles over the years on consignment and both times I've gotten very close to the price I asked. No issues both times.
  5. ghosttwofive

    LaRue Tactical MBT-2S Trigger Review

    Very nice weapon. What do you think about that MRO optic?
  6. ghosttwofive

    Can zero be held w/ QD mount?

    Larue mounts are pretty much bomb proof.....very good quality
  7. ghosttwofive

    Can zero be held w/ QD mount?

    I use QD mounts on my M4, Sig Optics sight and Sig Optics magnifier. My rail on top has numbers and I have it marked where each QD mount attaches. I've removed them several times for various reasons. For a year or so, I would always go out to the range and make sure my 50/200 yard zero was still...
  8. ghosttwofive

    What’s the Best Distance to Zero Your Rifle

    I zero my Ar-15s the same, 50/200. It seemed to make the most sense for the ballistics of the round, did a lot of reading and research on it, consulted a lot of sources. Lots of opinion but a 50/200 yard zero seemed to make the most sense.
  9. ghosttwofive

    What’s the Best AR-15 Charging Handle?

    Sorry, I posted that question in the wrong thread, apologies sir.
  10. ghosttwofive

    What’s the Best AR-15 Charging Handle?

    You have a link to it by any chance?
  11. ghosttwofive

    What’s the Best AR-15 Charging Handle?

    Thank you sir.
  12. ghosttwofive

    What’s the Best AR-15 Charging Handle?

    I have the BCM Gunfighter charging handles on all my AR style rifles. I have Sasquatch sized hands and I'm able to grab the charging handle much easier. Hey Hans, unrelated question, just curious, are you a fan of vertical forward grips on AR rifles, angled ones, or some just a good C clamp...
  13. ghosttwofive

    Tell me about those CZ's

    I've had a CZ P10C for a few years now and it's ran flawlessly and it's definitely one of my most accurate 9mm handguns. It's very well built, the slide rails are thick and you definitely can tell when you fire it, it's well balanced, the recoil is very manageable and I've used all kinds of...
  14. ghosttwofive

    Ban Hammer

    Ban Hammer ensues....
  15. ghosttwofive

    Favorite 9mm bullets/loadings

    Federal HST 147gr JHP or Sig V-Crown 147gr JHP. I've had no issues with either type of ammo.
  16. ghosttwofive

    It followed me home...

    Nice rifle! Of all the rifles I've shot over my lifetime, I have never been fortunate enough to have shot a 300 Win Mag. I've heard all my life how flat they shoot and they hit very hard at distance. I'd very much like to get the opportunity to try one out someday.
  17. ghosttwofive

    Most Common Reason to Switch EDC?

    I have a .45 ACP Shield in my EDC rotation. Very easy to conceal and it's very accurate, great EDC weapon. I have the older model, the original .45 Shield.
  18. ghosttwofive

    I would just shoot him...

    A very wise decision I wish I would have considered in hind sight...lol...as I sit here with both shoulders aching...lol
  19. ghosttwofive

    Overweight in warm climate

    https://jm4tactical.com/ I'm a big guy, these holsters are great for all year carry, regardless of the season. You can use the holster with gym shorts, jeans, sweats, pretty much any kind of garment. The original holster, which is the model I always pick, rides low but not too low to pull your...
  20. ghosttwofive

    Considering my first deer rifle

    My dad is still alive but went ahead and passed this wonderful old rifle to me a couple of years ago when he became too disabled to hunt. It's a Remington 742 Woodsmaster .308 Carbine. I can't remember him carrying any other rifle the whole time I was growing up going to deer camp. He actually...