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  1. Texas Matador

    Question for the board members: If the SHTF, what food items are you stocking up on for a 3-6 month disruption in supply chains?

    The other thing I think about is the actual value of cash. If we get too far down the chaos path, cash won't be worth anything either. In comes the barter system...
  2. Texas Matador

    Question for the board members: If the SHTF, what food items are you stocking up on for a 3-6 month disruption in supply chains?

    This is something I've thought about as well. My approach to this point has been a bit different. After seeing the mad dash from people buying up all the pre-packed prepper food packs of late, it occurred to me that this isn't a lot different than what people do every day...buy their food. If...
  3. Texas Matador

    Saint pistol

    I also recently purchased a 16" Saint using GunBroker. Similar to what others have said, I made sure I was working with an established dealer. I also got mine at a good price. Admittedly, I "lost" several auctions prior to finally winning due to refusing to overspend. The FFL process worked...
  4. Texas Matador

    Ban Gun Sales to Adults Under 21 Because Brain Isn’t Fully Develpoed Argues Neuroscientist

    I remember a time in the not too distant past where people like this wouldn't be given the time of day. Unfortunately, today, it seems like the crazier the theory the more people want to believe it so long as it supports their agenda.
  5. Texas Matador

    Essential medical skills

    I recently participated in a tactical rifle course and the instructor made a comment that got me thinking. During his introduction, he was laying down the safety rules for the course and said that if anyone gets injured to make sure and let him know immediately as he has a med pack on him and he...
  6. Texas Matador

    Gun shops empty and rationing ammo

    This past weekend was the first time I've ever gone to a gun store/range and left feeling really bummed out. My local shop is nice, really nice. It's big and you walk in and usually experience sensory overload due to all of the inventory they have on hand. When I walked in this past weekend...
  7. Texas Matador

    Managing a malfunction in semi-auto pistols

    Interesting article. Agree that learning how to safely clear malfunctions is paramount. That said, it's obviously better to avoid malfunctions in the first place. I can't imagine why anyone would use potentially suspect ammo for any reason, especially self defense. The same is true for a...
  8. Texas Matador

    Teaching your kids to shoot.

    I couldn't agree more. We exposed our kids to guns early and often. We ensured they understood how to handle them safely, how to care for them, and how to shoot, of course. I am convinced that teaching your kids about guns at an early age is the best way to keep them safe. Our kids are both...
  9. Texas Matador

    If you were going to buy a new muscle car.........

    That was a whole other consideration...manual or auto. I drove both and was open minded about the possibilities with the auto. I went round and round on this and eventually landed on a black GT Premium with an automatic. No regrets. The auto is fast. I can accept that a machine can shift...
  10. Texas Matador

    If you were going to buy a new muscle car.........

    I've restored cars and it was fun...to a point. I learned a lot. That said, you spend a ton of time and money bringing a car or truck back to a point where it's looking good and safe/fun to drive. The problem is you've just put a lot of effort into bringing it to a point where it more than...
  11. Texas Matador

    Johns Hopkins Study Finds No Evidence that “Assault Weapons” Bans Reduce Mass Shootings

    I often wonder how much money is spent by people attempting to discover things that we already know? :ROFLMAO:
  12. Texas Matador

    When you were growing up.....

    Definitely loved the original Looney Tunes. I also remember watching Thunder Cats, Transformers, and G.I. Joe. Wow! A fun trip down memory lane. Too bad kids today have no idea what a great cartoon really looks like.
  13. Texas Matador


    Pantera, Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, Kid Rock, and Volbeat are usually blasting when driving, working in the garage, etc. When I need to ensure the road rage monkey stays away, I have a "chill" playlist featuring bands like Weezer, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, The Cars, etc.
  14. Texas Matador

    Early Alert Systems (Puppy Love)

    Small but LOUD and always on duty. No chance of anyone sneaking up on us with these two around. ;)
  15. Texas Matador

    Carrying at Work

    I work for a west coast based company so it's no surprise that my local Texas office is posted...no carry. That said, while it may annoy me, I do give them credit for properly posting it on the building.
  16. Texas Matador

    Facts on cold weather vs your cell phon......

    On one occasion, my iPhone actually put up a warning that it was overheating and was shutting down. I had been driving for hours and didn't realize that the sun was blasting through the windshield and cooking my phone. Fortunately, I grabbed it and put it near an AC vent for a while. It came...
  17. Texas Matador

    Apple or Droid?

    Been an iPhone family since the beginning. Originally, the seamless integration between iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks was the main reason as we all seemed to have a combination of Apple devices. For me, I jumped on the iTunes bandwagon early and have come to expect my tunes to be available...
  18. Texas Matador

    Do we have any "smart" homes out there?

    Been a smart home guy for quite a while now...through three different homes so far actually. I go so far as to uninstall and take my "gadgets" with me from home to home...switches, plugs, and cameras included. The ability to remotely monitor and control certain aspects of my home has been a...
  19. Texas Matador

    Where do you sit?

    Interesting post. I believe Bill Hickok is often referenced as an example of what can happen if you sit with your back to the door. For some reason, this thought always runs through my mind when we're following the hostess to our table in a restaurant. I make sure to seat myself in the seat...
  20. Texas Matador

    Situational Awareness: Tips To Stay Frosty

    My wife and I are big situational awareness believers. I swear my wife is nearly gifted in this. Ok, maybe that means paranoid but I'd rather her be highly aware rather than clueless about what's going on around her. It's often the subtle things that give away someone's intention. One of my...