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  1. LRChops

    What's Your EDC, PLEASE VOTE

    EDC 1 is a Sig 365. EDC 2 is a S&W Titanium .38 hammerless. Then I have a LEO gun lock in my truck with a SIG Rattler and eight 30 round mags. Safe under the rear seat with full battle belt (Glock 35 Robar Navy Seal Special), ammo, armor, and Trauma kit. Why? Because I can.
  2. LRChops

    Your Best Home Defense Gun?

    45 always flips steel, 9mm does not always flip steel.
  3. LRChops

    Situational Awareness: Tips To Stay Frosty

    Hi I'm new here. This article has some good information. If I look at someone in the eye, I smile and make some type of acknowledgment. It can be a head nod, verbal, or something non intrusive. I agree with many responses here that you should not stare someone down. The writer of the...