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  1. jg7789

    Springfield Hellcat Review: Best CCW 9mm Ever

    Great review! I really need to pick up one of these for myself!
  2. jg7789

    Understanding the Hellcat U-Dot Sights

    Great article! I've never really liked the "three dot" set up as I found all the dots a bit confusing when trying fast snap shot.s This seems like a really good solution that would be easy to pick up. Anyone here have a Hellcat with these and used them? What do you think?
  3. jg7789

    Are you an individual or an ant?

    I could not resist, considering your avatar :)
  4. jg7789

    M1A SOCOM vs Scout Squad

    Have you gotten your mount on your gun yet? How were the results?
  5. jg7789

    Anybody want a folding stock M1A?

    Agreed! I'd love to see an M1A with a folding stock! Hey, anyone at Springfield listening here?!?!?!
  6. jg7789

    Goofiest Frankenstein Gun You've Ever Seen?

    For me, it's pretty much any SKS that you see with all the "tactical" stuff on it — AR stock, "detachable" 30 round mag, pistol grip, etc. I think those guns should be left the way they were made, so I cringe when I see those....
  7. jg7789

    A sneak peek at the new Springfield gun tonight, Wednesday 1/15/20

    I'm thinking a pistol caliber carbine that feeds from those cool new XD-M 22 rounder mags. Man, I want it already!
  8. jg7789

    Extended cap magazines — Do you?

    Man, that new XD-Elite (https://www.thearmorylife.com/peak-performance-the-new-xd-m-elite/) might just make the whole question moot for me. I can get a Tactical OSP and get factory 22 rounders for it. However, I'm kind of leaning toward a 4.5" Elite with the 20 rounder and get two 22 rounders as...
  9. jg7789

    Extended cap magazines — Do you?

    I've always wondered if its a good idea to pack aftermarket extended magazines in a car or something like that. Soemthing where you can have some extra ammo if you need it. But, will these work? Even the crazy pistol drums. Is the added firepower worth the risk of a non-OEM handgun mag? You all...
  10. jg7789

    Let's see your AR setups...

    Man, you guys are making me jealous!!!!
  11. jg7789

    Information Age Trench Broom?

    Great article on the X-Products Drum, Will. I've been curious about these for a while and am glad to see a review on it. Any experience with the Magpul D-60 drum as a comparison?
  12. jg7789

    First Aid kit

    Great piece! Thanks for all the in depth info.
  13. jg7789

    What is the best Home Defense Weapon?

    Wow! that's a really cool Scorpion!
  14. jg7789

    What would you like to see Springfield armory make next?

    I would love for them to make a lightweight 5" 1911 without a light rail on the frame. Just a plain jane looking 5" gun that is light enough to carry regaulrly.
  15. jg7789

    Is range time therapeutic?

    I certainly enjoy it. My dad has some property where I can shoot, so I can head out and do some plinking on my own. I find it very theraputic. Its kind of a zen thing for me....
  16. jg7789

    Strayer’s 40K “Blue Flame”

    Agreed! If there's any doubt the XD series is tough, this should end it. If he's put that many rounds through it and it's still working, I'm sold!
  17. jg7789

    New M1s?

    CMP is probably your best bet, but you'll have to wait on supply with them....
  18. jg7789

    Wish List

    I'd like to have a SAINT pistol with an 11.5 inch barrel to get the most velocity out of the 5.56 round...
  19. jg7789

    TRP Available Caliber Options

    A TRP in 9mm would be awesome! I've seen lots of reviews of the TRP, and it looks like it is a great gun. I'd love to be able to get one in 9mm.
  20. jg7789

    Which 1911 would you get if.....

    Of course, the DoubleShot 1911! https://www.preppergunshop.com/arsenal-firearms-af-2011-double-barrel-pistol-45acp-1911-prismatic-dueller/ Weighs a mere 5 lbs. and only costs $7,000!