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    B-17 Gunners vs. Luftwaffe

    What is seldom talked about was the "bomber mafia" the upper level Generals who firmly believed that bombers didn't need fighter escort. While the P51 was given all the glory about their range. The P47's could have had drop tanks 6 months earlier if those self same generals would have allowed...
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    Ayoob: Why You’re Wrong About the XD

    For those that dislike or down right hate XD, XDM's that is your prerogative. I hate Glocks. Does that make me or you wrong? NO, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And that is why there are so many different plastic look alike pistols on the market. If everyone had the same size hands...
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    5 Reasons Why a Springfield Hellcat Should Be Your First Handgun

    I wanted to buy a Hellcat but for whatever reason Springfield/HS Product chose not to have ambidextrous mad release. If Springfield reads these I wish they would get Holosun to make a model that fits both the Hellcat and the XDs without a plate. Or modify their OSP cut like the sig 365. I have...
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    My "Hamburger Hill" War Trophy

    Like the navy vet who was downloading agent orange my neighbor also was doing that in the Navy. The VA tells him that he wasn't around the stuff? He suffers from nerve and muscle wasting in his legs from it. The VA can't figure out why, but won't attempt to claim it could be Agent Orange. Agent...
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    Springfield XD Sub-Compact 3" vs. Springfield XD Tactical 5"

    While I have a number of pistols that have 3 dot sights, I think the yellow tritium dot in the front and the U rear sight improves hit probability measurably. My son has a 3" sub compact that I can't hit much of anything yet my XDs with the above sights lets me put 7 all in a 3x5 card. I just...
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    Vought A-7 Corsair II: The Short, Little, Ugly Fella

    We went to Pittsburg to visit my in-laws and one of their good friends was the XO of PANG. He got permission for me to come visit and let me into the cockpit. He told me they deployed to the Med tanking I think 16 or so times. That seat was not comfortable at all. He told me they had a way to...
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    Apex Tactical SA-35 Action Enhancement Trigger Kit

    I wonder if it would work with EAA's girsan compact version?
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    First Look: Springfield Armory Echelon 9mm

    If you were watching the release of the gun they had various gun stores that let you shoot 10 rounds if you were the first 50 people you got a target and a SA hat. The gun store in my county is less than honest. They let us shoot 5 rounds (probably billed SA for 10) They have a nice range I just...
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    Lockheed AC-130 Gunship: Death Waits in the Dark

    Dr. Dabbs, I doubt that you were the person who put the captions on the Photographs but one was slightly wrong. Sgt. Thomas Hatch of the 1st Special Operation Wing handling ammunition for the 20mm Vulcan cannons on an AC-130 gunship, circa 1983. Image: Staff Sgt. Bill Thompson/U.S.A.F. The...
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    Review: Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 for the SA-35

    I've had a summer special for quite a few years. Everything Jeremy wrote is true. Back when I ordered mine it was nearly 8 months to get one, That was when Milt Sparks was turning the business to the current owner. It is still the most comfortable holster I own.
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    Did the Hellcat Kill the XD-S?

    I bought a XDs because when the first Hellcats came out if your trigger finger pushed even a little to the side it would lock the trigger up. I noticed it first on the counter gun at my local gun store. Found out later that SA changed the trigger. The other option was to get an apex trigger for...
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    Nazis, Noms de Geurre and the Complex History of the Hi-Power

    I've been looking for a SA35 but my LGS tells me that there was some problems with extractors and they haven't completed the fix. Can anyone collaborate that? I am NOT interested in the FN model at all. I thought that they would have at least made some of the parts interchangeable, but no...
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    A .308 1911? The Springfield S.A.S.S. Pistol

    I suspect ATF. Vertical grips are considered a no-no, makes it a short barreled rifle, in fact the picture with the pistol grip could also be considered a short barreled rifle. That is why the short shotguns have "birds head" type grips instead of pistol grips. Since they change their minds...
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    History of the Failure Drill: Mozambique Revolt Roots

    In today's politicly correct world using the term Mozambique drill isn't safe to say. When you have prosecutors who try to say if you play call of duty makes you an angry person, then the best thing is to say they kept attempting to harm me so I shot him in the head to stop him from harming me...
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    Best Holster for the XD-S Mod.2 OSP?

    I solved the problem since I got an XDs with the yellow insert night sight and the next year they came out with the OSP so I now have a brace of XDs's My problem with the OSP version is I can't find a holster that works with both the CT reddot and an Olight baldr mini light with laser. Love to...
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    Solo Caribou Hunting in Alaska

    Bridget I had wondered where you had disappeared from. I had enjoyed your writing about Utah and am sorry to hear about your accident but glad that you are ok. I am also glad you got your Caribou. What a hunt! You are truly living the dream. Been thinking about getting an XDm in 10mm for black...
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    Review: XD-M 9mm 35-Round Extended Magazine

    I have a slightly different thought on this magazine, Springfield Armory has filled the gap in AR's and M1a's but one of the newish trends are pistol caliber carbines. What better way to make a PCC that the magazine ALSO fits their flagship pistol the XDM elite? The magazine gets some beta...
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    Review: XD-S Mod.2 OSP 3.3″ .45 ACP

    Why didn't you make a 4 inch 45 acp along with the 9mm? I have been searching the used market for a gen 1 4 inch 45 with no success. I have a 3.3 9mm with a crimson trace red dot and I love it, but if I could I'd trade it for a 4 inch. That extra length of barrel helps velocity, and contrary...
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    What Is the Best AR Caliber for Hunting?

    You also left out the 300 hamAR from Wilson.
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    When Is Using Your CCW a Mistake?

    I agree totally with what you said, I would be interested in what options you have as a senior citizen who may be targeted just because of age, gait, or perceived weakness. I don't need a cane yet and I never was a fighter but I would be concerned as to what someone would have to do to avoid...