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    Are Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper’s Teachings Still Relevant?

    I prefer the NRA fundamental rules of gun safety. I don’t know the history to which years they were adopted versus Mr. Coopers work. I have read enough of Cooper’s material to understand that he has made a significant contribution to defense and combat shooting. I would argue that his safety...
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    The Chengdu J-20 "Mighty Dragon" — China’s Top Stealth Fighter?

    Lockheed needs to keep all the tech compartmentalized in several EMF shielded SCIFs with no WAN connectivity. And all devices must be audited while doing information import and exports. They can connect the SCIFs with fiber over a secure LAN. All physical connections must have two person...
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    Will Cold Weather Keep Your 1911 Out of the Fight?

    I disagree 100% It’s not about manliness or machismo. Most states allow open carry, with exclusion zones for the dictator run cities and locales. A right not practiced is a right lost. A reason why open carry is really critical is because guns need to be normalized and associated with good...
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    The AT-3 Sagger — Deadly Russian Suitcase Missile

    430mm is 16.92” nearly 17” not 8” just a note for the author. Not sure if it’s a typo or miscalculation. Very fascinating article. I’m a former Cold War analyst and the actual suitcase nukes and similar WMD were very much a concern especially with the porous Soviet arms inventory system. I...
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    Will Cold Weather Keep Your 1911 Out of the Fight?

    I have been conceal carrying a full-size in the North East for nineteen years, and a full-size in a belt holster a prior five or so? Very good article: I give the author credit for explaining some practical but complex nuances with cold weather carry. I have been using grease on my pistols...
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    Do You Think the 1911 Is the Worst Gun for Cops?

    The 1911A1 is too good of a combat pistol for “Cops.” It’s cost for a well made all forged model is three to four times that of a Glock. The capacity of a 1911A1 is half that of a Glock. Sight swaps require some skill and a smith. Cops don’t get the training budget or time to gain proficiency...
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    Potent Potables (aka What’s your poison?)

    All they brew here mainstream is IPA. The only IPA I like are DIPA and Triple. And Triple is not the best drinking beer: it’s us very casky. If I can find them in a not too sweet format: I don’t like to much sugar.
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    Potent Potables (aka What’s your poison?)

    I’m a hunter gatherer when it comes to alcoholic beverages: I don’t drink on a regular basis. I like nordic and germanic beer and alcohols/ schnapps/cloudberry vodka, Vitus/Dunkle/Munichen etc. I also enjoy bourbon and traditional American Ale. My favorite bourbon is very affordable and when...
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    black rifle coffee

    🤣 The drug they use is sugar, lots of sugar..
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    black rifle coffee

    Starbucks is about $10 for 12oz and BRCC is $16 for 12oz. This does not include their special roasts. From my experience BRCC makes more robust dark roasts: never had a light roast from BRCC. I prefer Starbucks blonde roasts. They have mastered all roast types.
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    black rifle coffee

    Rittenhouse was within his rights to do what he did: that's all that matters. The debate whether or not he should have been there, is irrelevant. It's safe to say if he was not armed and attempting to put out fires he would be dead. I know nothing about the BRCC owner discussion: that said he...
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    black rifle coffee

    Their coffee is excellent. I haven't had the Walmart line but have been purchasing it as gifts for some time. I grab a bag for my freezer once a year and started buying it from Cabelas. Its ground whole bean coffee: the stuff you buy has chicory and other fillers in it. So it like comparing...
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    The Facts About New York’s Ammunition Law

    The existing gun, magazine, ammo, and feature bans in California have been shot down by SCOTUS. Article VI within the US Constitution does not permit States to supersede the Second Amendment. Article VI also does not permit legislation thats not in good standing with it: being Supreme Law...
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    The Facts About New York’s Ammunition Law

    All very unconstitutional. Sad. Per Article VI Supreme Law this is government overstepping. Its our patriotic duty to challenge unconstitutional law aggressively and not comply with it.
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    Secret to Offhand Accuracy: Aim with Your Feet!

    Great history, and excellent recommendations. In American Kenpo we call this heel to toe stance: it's slightly modified to account for the balance of the body, and wider to prevent shifting of the feet, core, and upper body "offline." The three basic blocks to take-downs is to defeat he legs...
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    Does This Gun Prove That John Moses Browning Got the 1911 Wrong?

    The EMP is pretty impressive bang for the buck. I recommend it to anyone who wants a 9mm 1911 as a EDC.
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    Potent Potables (aka What’s your poison?)

    I like Gordon Biersch Autumn Bock and Festbiers at the tap. Also like Weihenstephaner Kristallweissbier and their Festbiers they make.
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    Ayoob: Is It Time to Retire the 1911?

    Mr. Ayoob highlights some of the more critical benefits of 1911 carry. I'm from Gen X and I prefer carrying and shooting a 1911. I have several SA pistols, and a number of other manufacturers and my personal favorite is a customized SA 1911. I have around 20k rounds through it, and it's 100%...
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    How Long Range Can the Hellcat Pro 9mm Go?

    When you start shooting pistols at that range you need to setup five ply wood to see if the projectile penetrates. If it penetrates it's lethal according to the US Army. Good shooting: fun article/video!
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    Coolest Movie Knives of All Time

    Dolph Lungren's character "Gunner" from Expendables carries a big shiny version of a Marine Raider V-44 Bowie. I give Hibben credit for making a better version of a classic. These raider knives go back to the American Revolution, likely adapted bowie knives which over time grew in size. The...