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    Dem bill would prohibit civilians from purchasing, possessing Level III body armor

    His royal fatness Prickster already banned vests in Illinois. Remember this when that fascist runs for president.
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    Do You Have the "Right" Springfield 1911?

    Until theirs a Ronin Commander in 10mm I'll never have the right Springfield 1911.
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    Should You Display Your Collectible Firearms?

    An antique hanging on the wall is not uncommon in the Midwest. Displaying a nickel-plated Colt Commander in a car on the other hand IS idiotic.
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    Should You Display Your Collectible Firearms?

    Jesus the libs have made paranoid cowards out of a lot of good folks.
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    Battle of the 4.25" 1911 Pistols — Garrison vs. Emissary

    Both are a bad choice for concealed. Both weigh a ton, give me an aluminum frame. Don't want a cheese grater digging in my side either with that rail.
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    Amazing How Quickly We Age

    I met a Spanish American War veteran, my dad knew a Civil War sergeant. Brother was a Bay of Pigs veteran and dad served in WW2. My father watched silent movies, I Hulu, so much time has passed.
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    I did a good thing after 39 years and a few months

    Bought my wife a 22 Explorer ST new, it's a beast. Most fun a geezer can have in a suv.
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    B-17 Gunners vs. Luftwaffe

    Can't even begin to imagine what those boys, yes boys, went through. My dad chased subs in the gulf and at 24 he was the "ol man" those kids grew up fast. No way the whiney self entitled brats today would do that, no offense if your a whiney self absorbed narcissistic brat.
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    Where's the compact EDC .45

    Maybe he means a 3" 1911 in .45. But yeah.
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    A northern Illinois judge declared that an illegal immigrant has the right to a firearm. No questions asked, no Illinois FOID card, because of the 2nd Admendment he can have a firearm. However if you're an Illinois citizen you're going to have to blow the governor to have one.
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    the price is fine but!

    Mag dump school of defense? Oh yeah for those bad asses that carry a .22 short derringer.
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    for those with a little extra cash lying around

    Funny this comes from UAE, those goat farmers will buy anything.
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    What TikTok is and Why it Matters

    Yep and know the difference between a man and a woman, unlike the newer generations that thing you can just say your a woman and BOOM you have a vajayjay.
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    What TikTok is and Why it Matters

    Tickeytok is social media for morons.
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    Dodge is getting it right

    Except the truck engine of choice for Fiat now is an inline 6, not a V6. Not sure why given the fact the new inline 6 can be had with over 500HP I'd even want 500 pounds of extra battery weight. But yeah whatever.
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    Squatters are OUT in Florida

    So if it's unconscious I can decapitate one............uh............right. Anyone care to expand on making a large PO'd snake unconscious in a "humane" way? LOL
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    5 Reasons Why a Springfield Hellcat Should Be Your First Handgun

    I have three Shields, not sure how my Shield+ Performance Center relates to a porcupine or uncomfortable, but can relate to the Hellcat as being tiny, square and unwieldly.
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    5 Reasons Why a Springfield Hellcat Should Be Your First Handgun

    Yep, that's my point.
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    5 Reasons Why a Springfield Hellcat Should Be Your First Handgun

    Then promote a .22 Springfield.
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    5 Reasons Why a Springfield Hellcat Should Be Your First Handgun

    No Laura a nice .22LR should probably be your first gun/shooting experience. Geez is it me or is this forum like CNN, just shove the agenda up your...............