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  1. ifithitu

    Labor Day

    Same to you,enjoy a blessed holiday!
  2. ifithitu

    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    I have one.I carry it sometimes.
  3. ifithitu

    New 10mm

    Congrats on yours,I love mine too.
  4. ifithitu

    Back-Up Guns

    My back up's areS&W442-2, 638-3 .38 SPL+P, M&P BG 380 & Cobar .38 SPLDerringer.
  5. ifithitu

    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    Thanks about the advice on the plastic utensils,I will try those out.
  6. ifithitu

    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    Going through chemo, I had to change my EDC, from pistols G 43X, Sig P365. Now I, EDC my Bulldog .44 Spl. 2.5" & SP101 .357 Mag. I can't rack the 9mm's,and it is my life,so now it's revolvers for my EDC.
  7. ifithitu

    Am I the only Revolver Guy left?

    Here's a few more of my revolvers,
  8. ifithitu

    Nevada CCW approved, Yay

    I have a COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY "CDWL". The only reason I keep it now is when I go into other states. Kentucky passed a open carry law. You don't need a permit now.
  9. ifithitu

    1911 EDC holster?

    Galco leather holster B169 HOD CW 212B & Urban Carry LockLeather 209-R
  10. ifithitu

    Couldn't resist. New plinker!

    Absolutely awesome!(y):cool:
  11. ifithitu

    John Linebaugh, RIP

    RIP 🙏🙏
  12. ifithitu

    Dangerous Steps: Viet Cong Booby Traps

    I was in Vietnam 68- 69,during my time with Mike 3/27 Marines, I seen more booby traps then I seen in the last ten months of my tour. I seen some of those booby traps that are in the pictures, not all of them.
  13. ifithitu

    Am I the only Revolver Guy left?

    Ruger GP-100 .357 Magnum, 4'20"Barrel Match Champion Ruger SP-101 .357 Magnum. 3" Barrel
  14. ifithitu

    Best concealed carry hostlers? Preferably the waist band

    mY Urban Carry LockLeather holstess
  15. ifithitu

    The .30-06 Springfield

    My BLR LT WT 81CAL..30-06 SPRG ONLY.
  16. ifithitu

    The lever's beginnings

    I love mine,Henry Golden Boy Caliber .22 S/L/LR, HenryCal..22 Magnum. Rossi 92.38SPL.-.357 Magnum, Rossi .44 Magnum. BLR LT 81 Calber .30-06 SPRG ONLY, Marlin MOD. 336W Cal. 30/30. & Marlin MOD. 1895CB Cal. 45/70 Govt.
  17. ifithitu

    The EDC Merry-Go-Round

    EDC S&W 442-2 .38 SPL+P, Ruger LCR .38 SPL +P, Ruger EC9s 9mm, Sig P365 9mm
  18. ifithitu

    What do you Pocket Carry?

    I,PC my G-42 380, S&W M&P BG 380
  19. ifithitu

    Carry Guns: Does Size Matter?

    CA Rubber Grips.44 Spl. & CA .44 Spl.with Rosewood Grips, S&W 638-3 .38 Spl +P, Taurus Millennium PT 140 G2 40.
  20. ifithitu

    Show off your 1911

    My RIA 1911 A1 FS TACT II 10mm & Ruger .45 auto