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  1. shanneba

    Why no US Rifle M1ANM. Flag Ship Gun of SAI. From Their Beginning?

    The M1A Loaded is pretty close (Stock isn't listed as glass bedded) https://www.springfield-armory.com/m1a-series-rifles/m1a-loaded-rifles/m1a-loaded-308-rifle/ I wonder if they had an Issue with Colt having the "National Match" trademark for the Gold Cup National Match 1911. Colt also had...
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    Fantastic new Gear Up deal

    The 2020 rimfire seems like a nice rifle. https://www.americanrifleman.org/content/springfield-armory-model-2020-rimfires-a-pleasant-surprise/
  3. shanneba

    Southern District of Indiana indictments

    From the article above- "If convicted, each defendant charged faces up to ten years in federal prison." for dozens of firearms purchases. I wish the press releases would give the minimum sentence available instead of the MAX, maybe then there would be more support for longer minimum sentences...
  4. shanneba

    Campus disorder

    I searched for P38 pistol not thinking about the can opener :) G00gle probably puts any gun related search results to the bottom :) I search with Yahoo, using just P38 Walther P38 wiki is the first result after the "ads for P38 at the top)
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    Campus disorder

    My first thought when I saw "still carry a P-38" was this-
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    MC-58 Training Rifle: A .22 For The Marines

    "Rare and often misunderstood, the U.S. Marine Corps .22 Long Rifle caliber MC-58 training rifle is nonetheless an interesting footnote to American and Marine Corps history. Designed to replicate the “feel” of the M1 Garand for recruits, the MC-58 ultimately rode on the coattails of the M14...
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    Campus disorder

    I saw on the news yesterday that at Columbia, there are 36,000 students, 14,000 are here on Student Visas, Any of those supporting a terrorist organization should have their Visa revoked, be deported and put on the terrorist watch list.
  8. shanneba

    Early Colt Army Test Trial pistols from model 1900 to the 1911

    Rock Island will auction off an actual 1907 Colt Army Test Pistol in May 2024. This pistol is one of only 200 actual pistols manufactured under the Army Contract of 1907 for field trials, with an additional five made for presentation. This pistol, serial number 91, was shipped from Colt to the...
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    What are we reading?

    The Scrolls of Onteora - The Cremona Document "From the ancient city of Jerusalem to the mountains of New York, the Scrolls of Onteora, known as the Cremona Document, tell the story of the Knights Templars who found artifacts and documents, revealing how the scrolls were transported to the...
  10. shanneba

    Any trips plan this summer ?

    Just do it!! They do certify a 1000 miles in 24 hours ride called a Saddlesore 1000, the 1500 miles ride is a Bun Burner 1500. The actual "Iron Butt Rally" is usually a ~10 day competition every other year, odd numbered years. Imagine riding about a thousand miles a day for 10 days in a row...
  11. shanneba

    A Midnight Ride to Lexington on April 18, 1775

    You can read Paul's own account of his ride written in 1798. https://www.paulreverehouse.org/reveres-own-words/ Direct link to a digital transcribed version: https://www.masshist.org/database/viewer.php?item_id=99&img_step=1&mode=transcript#page1
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    A Midnight Ride to Lexington on April 18, 1775

    " On April 18, 1775, Paul Revere and William Dawes set out to warn militias across Massachusetts of approaching British troops. The troops were heading to Concord to confiscate weapons. Revere and Dawes arrived in Lexington around midnight. Then, joined by Samuel Prescott, they continued...
  13. shanneba

    Intro to Bullseye Pistol Competition

    If you've ever thought about starting to compete in Bulleye (Precision) Pistol here are a couple of videos to give a quick overview of the sport. Similar competition using a "Service" pistol to earn a Distinguished Pistol badge,
  14. shanneba

    Where's the compact EDC .45

    Springfield still offers a 3" 9mm 1911. With the current popularity of the 9mm round, I would guess they didn't sell many in 45 ACP. 9mm ammo is about half the price of 45 ACP plus you get 9 rounds in the magazine...
  15. shanneba

    2024 Eclipse

    These were shot between Nineveh and Trafalgar Indiana.
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    Where's the compact EDC .45

    Colt offers 2 Defender models in 45 ACP- https://www.colt.com/detail-page/defender/?attribute_pa_variant=combat-elite-defender-45acp
  17. shanneba

    2024 NRA World Shooting Championship Registration Opens Dec. 6

    NRA World Shooting Championship: 2024 Event By The Numbers According to Practiscore, there were 213 registered competitors at the 2024 NRA World Shooting Championship. There were 149 shooters in the Amateur division and 64 in the Professional division. Perhaps best of all, there was an...
  18. shanneba

    Biden Administration to Close 'Gun Show Loophole'

    The NRA has issued a statement on this regulation-
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    50 Years Of Springfield Armory

    Starting in 1974, Bob Reese took over production of a commercially manufactured, semi-automatic-only version of the M14 service rifle, ensuring the future of the fledgling “M1A.” Reese’s move included continuing to sell the rifle under the brand Springfield Armory—which had been chosen to honor...
  20. shanneba

    Pistol Pointers from 1956

    Fundamentals of pistol shooting. Secrets of success There are many things that contribute to pistol shooting success and each helps in some measure—without them you won’t be a champ. But there are a couple of secrets that are essential to success—without them you’ll be a chump. Sight...